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I noticed while fishing on wood lake harrison the other week, as soon as it began to rain the fishing actually picked up. Is this normal? i would have thought it would of gotten worse. What do you guys generally find?


rain just keeps them from jumping unless they need a shower (lol).
unless the rain comes with a real cold front it won't bother the fish. I find the rain acts just like a slight ripple making the fish less wary. some of the best fishing I have ever enjoyed has been in heavy rainfall.
anyone agree/disagree ?

Rain can bring great mayfly fishing.For some reason , they like to hatch on cloudy days.After a shower, watch for trout feeding on the rain swamped duns.

I totally agreee! I have noticed this spring so far at Rice lake and Rolley lake that for whatever reason during the days of overcast and light or heavy rain the fishing is actually better. I always think about why but it could be for many different reason. At Rice theres an Eagle or two that are permanent residents and they are constantly trying to pick fish out (usually failing) of the water. Maybe the fish instinctually know they are safer with the cover of rain and subtle break of the surface water so they get more ballsy haha.who knows. Its probably temperature related.

I also agree, just my experience from Europe which may not to be applied here for let's say lake trout fishing.
Ideal is just what we call "garden rain". Nice warm rain forcing fish to discover surface which protect them from other predators like eagles. Eagles have their own "issues" cleaning and drying feathers for a while... Small fish are going to catch flies, nymphs, whatever is available. Smart big fish (like catfish) is waiting for small guys to attack them... I bet that here you can get a lot of juvenile trouts after rain on lakes but there won't big difference on Fraser river.

Logan in some lakes its a different story though. Rice is very clear and often calm and the fish can be seen by eagles easily. You see eagles consfantly trying to grab trout and in the rain the eagles fudge off and trout go grazy on the surface but if the sun idk why they often dont jump and even stay deep for some reason. Its so weird

Fishing in the rain is fine. I find (for myself) it all depends on the barometric pressure. It could rain all day and the bite could be on but when the barometric pressure changes you would be hard pressed to catch a fish at all that day or maybe two.

Fishing forum > lake fishing in the rain


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