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Hey gents,
I'm looking to buy a small car topper/ throw in the the box of my truck, boat.
Looking for an aluminum 10 foot jon boat. Although I am not 100% picky on the flat bottom.
Let me know what you have. Thanks

I've been looking at dealerships for a boat. I can get a 10 foot 32 inch base for 800 but I'm looking for a 10 foot 36 inch and those are 995. Tracker topper sells a 1036 for cheap (ish) but I can't seem to find anyone who sells tracker.... any ideas?

jon boats suck. cruise the classifieds for a nice aluminum boat, there's tons of them.

Why do Jon boats suck? A little information on why they suck is more helpful than a statement. I'm looking stability, not speed.

The flat bottom jon boats are fantastic fly fishing rigs, why on earth one would say they suck is beyond me but maybe they don't anchor and fly fish lakes like dedicated chironomid fishermen etc etc do cause if they did then that is all they would want to fish out of, believe me !!

The old Springbok's, Valco's, Harbourcraft Flyfisher's, as well as the old and new Lowes, G3's, Spratley's etc etc are all a dream to lake fish out of and provide stability while anchored.

There is nothing wrong with V shaped aluminum boats either, they are actually better if traveling more distance and break the water better as well, but for a fly fishing boat on a lake the only way to go is with a flat bottom boat IMHO.

Just take a trip up to the Meritt/Kamloops area and see for yourself or go onto a fly fishing site and ask, trollers are in most of the 12 ft v bottoms while the fly guys that like to anchor up are 99% flat bottom users.

A boat is a boat in the long run though if your on a budget, as long as it doesn't leak too bad then your accessibility to more area is a bonus, good luck in the search !!

Thanks for the info Bently. Great post

op didn't say anything about bobber fishing. I was talking about a boat in general. with a jon-style, one best stick to calmer water or like you said bent, anchoring and sitting still, real still. and I do flyfish primarily from my boat.

don't say that the "flyguys" anchor up and prefer jon boats. chronie guys prefer that. chroni fishing is more akin to jigging/bobber-fishing than anything else. and if one attaches a strike indicator, then that's basically bobber-fishing and also isn't legal on fly-only lakes. so really, chroni/indicator fishing isn't flyfishing.

^^ Okay Gearbox, who am I to argue with you, I was just trying to help the guy out with a choice in boats, not go into the rules of fishing. You said Jon boats suck, then why does everybody and their dog love to fish out of them then, huh ??

BTW, next time you see a CO write a guy a ticket for using a strike indicator while chronie fishing on a fly only lake gimme a call, aint gonna happen chum. Not in your lifetime anyways.

so, because they may turn heads you think that makes it right to break the laws? guys on here are suggesting death and harm on another post to someone who blatantly disregards the rules, but it's okay for chronie guys??

about the boats, I wasn't argueing, just lending my opinion of them, as you did. the bottom line, someone should go and try the different boats types to really find what they prefer, not take others opinions only. I have a friend who has one, he loves it, we went fishing, chronie-fishing, and I absolutely hated the boat, everything about it, except how light it was. any small boat should stick to small lakes. the way you defend them, one would think you must sell them. like anything, some people love them, some hate them.

I have both actually, both are 12 ft and both are great to fish out of, I just prefer the flat botttom on most of the lakes I fish while stillwater fishing, especially the smaller ones. When it's me and the wife together I prefer the v bottom as were usually out checking different parts of lakes and they usaually tend to be much larger in size so we're cruising at top speed to a lot of places and the ride is just that much nicer. My take on it only so.....

As for the bobber dispute, I couldn't give a rats ass if a guy has a piece of foamy or cork on his line while chronie fishing, to me it's a stupid reg but just so you know, I DO abide by the reg myself as I like to work the chronie ever so little more than not, maybe it's the ocd in me as sitting, just waiting, drives me nuts real quick like lollol.

As far as Jon boats go, if you can afford a few extra bucks,go with the 36 instead of a 32.

regs are regs, and they are to be abided by. it doesn't make any difference if we think they are stupid or not, many laws are. you should not be condoning regulation-breaking. a single, barbless is a stupid regulation, it leads to more foul-hooked fish if anything. that's why they finally changed that rule on Okanagan lake. I've caught so many fish that were hooked through the eye because of the large, single barbless that swings around when they side-strike the lure. and I've also watched a vid of a rainbow swimming up on a plug with two trebles on it, it engulfs the whole plug, then puffs it's mouth and "spatooie", out spits the plug. I'm glad they finally opened their eyes and changed that reg. but regardless, even though I thought it was a stupid rule, I abided by it and sure as heck would never turn a blind-eye if I saw someone breaking it. regs are regs, and they should be followed entirely, not just those that suit someone.

but back to the boats. a big, deciding factor for the op should be what size of lakes he'll be fishing. I truly believe that jon boats are designed for calmer waters. I know some swear by their stability, but myself, I sure didn't find them to feel very safe. before settling on any boat, I'd be wanting to try them out to see how they feel.

Thanks for the discussion boys!
I plan on buying a flat bottom boat. I am looking for a 10' 36" for sure.
Yamaha g3 10' 36" goes for about $995
Where as the Tracker 10' 36" goes for $699.
Trackers selling features are the same as Yamaha's, riveted and welded, enforced transom ext. The only issue is that the Tracker boat is a 5 hour drive from me in Amarica so I'm not sure if I want to do the duty thing and ect.

A v-bottom is desirable but I haven't seen a 10 foot V that is 100 pounds or less. It will be something I am loading and unloading by myself and I'm not the strongest guy.

Jon boats are good for anchoring and that's about it I have both and I would much rather use the Princecraft wide boat then the Jon ,with one person in a jon boat and a little bit of wind you will be cursing all day .

I'm also open to V boats but can't seem to find a good deal

jamesberkey, it would help a lot if you told us what type of boating/fishing you'll be doing the most. intended boat usage is the biggest determining factor as to what type of boat would be best for you. you mention something that's light and easy to load into the back of a truck, any reason a boat/trailer is undesirable?

I have a Jon Boat - Lowe 10/32
I primarily chronie fish. I do find the boat a little tippy. I put a plywood floor in and am able to stand up and cast (very carefully) I have a seat in the middle and while anchored can cast quite easily while sitting. Trolls great with electric motor or just plain rowing. Absolutely love my boat as it is small and light 98 lbs. But as in previous comments the only con would be it's not great for standing up in.


a picture is worth a thousand words. just look at those pics, that's a shallow box, not a boat. and what is a shallow box? a coffin. a square bow, not very good for cutting through the water, these boats are designed for small, calm waters and basically sitting motionless. look at the second pic, he's barely to the one side of the boat and it has quite a lean to it. and like he even says, it's quite tippy, which is exactly what I experienced with a jon-boat. that's why I had said they suck. I prefer safety over anything else, and I just don't feel safe in a jon-boat. and like any boat out there, the smaller size you drop down to, the less stable they become. don't get me wrong, that's a sweet little set-up there, but I'd pick a little, fibreglass V over a jon any day.

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