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I was looking back and saw that I made a similar post a year ago. The ice was off the lakes in my "neighbourhood". What a difference a year makes. There is snow on the ground in places still and two feet of ice on the lake across the road (Phillips lk) and no signs of melting around the edges at all. The smaller ponds in the area are starting to show some water around the edges. I was by Pillar lk on Tuesday and it is frozen solid. Joyce is starting to show some water around the bullrushes but it is still pretty solid looking. Quite simply do not think of any lakes in the north Okanagan unless they are in the valley bottom. For example the ice was coming off Swan lake in Vernon on Tuesday. As for Shuswap lk, I have heard some good reports as the fry are hatching. I spent a couple of leisurely hours on the Thompson the other day and caught one white fish about 12 inches long. My sweetie had 2 good bites but could not hook them. sure was nice despite the wind! that's my report for now. will update things as the ice comes off, if it ever does !!

hi cagey. ya, it seems like the fry are definitely early this year. have you heard that? on the shuswap? normally I'm hitting it hard at the beginning of may, and earlier trips are usually pretty slow. but word I'm hearing is they are showing already.

2 years ago the fry were hatched in late March just like this year. last year the early hatch was not there !

ice is almost completely off stump lake. just some thin stuff at the south end remaining.

Ice was still on Yellow Lake a week ago but no time to check today. Will report later in the week.

the ice is holding in there. I was by Pillar and Joyce Lakes yesterday. looks like it will be most of a week for them. one small lake close by will be ice free in another 2 days while Skimikin and Phillips Lakes will be a week I suspect.

finally we are getting some place quickly. joyce lk (near Falkland) should be ice free or close to it by Sunday. Pillar will be a few more days, maybe towards mid-week. Phillips Lake looks like Monday (yahoo, I will be able to toss flies !!), All these lakes are about 10 days later than the last 3 years at least.

stump is completely free now. has been for a bit. I haven't went to look at any high up lakes, might do that soon.

douglas lake, salmon lake and chaperon lake are all ice free. Courtenay lake is totally free of ice but Corbett is still covered in ice. all the higher up lakes are still way frozen.

Went to Courtney yesterday and got a few biggest was around 8 ,was shocked though when I met fella there and he told he was ice fishing it and I told him can't ice fish and he said over 100 people where ice fishing so why couldn't he REALLY!!!! some people I almost chucked him in the lake.

quit being so hard on the guy ! just because he was fishing does not mean he had enough brains to read the regs. do you think he had a licence?
if there had been 100 people fishing how would the conservation dep't not have heard about it? me thinks your "friend" knows how to lie to cover up his ignorance!
other than that it sounds like you had a good day. next time top it off by seeing if the guy can swim (lol)!!!

he wasn't no friend that's forsure or he would be swimming lol

the ice will be off Phillips Lake today. there is a bit floating in the centre about to go under ! hope to try tomorrow. it has been a long winter !

I must have seen you out there, split-window. looked like you had the lake to yourself. the Indians ice-fish Courtenay, maybe they are who he was referring to. I really doubt 100 hundred of them though.

ohh I know maybe 5 or so I bet but that was the fella's excuse because 100 where fishing it so I might as well to ,it was nice to have the lake to ourselves but the day was slow I think the sun and the gorgeous day didn't help us much.

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