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Hi can anyone help --I want to go norther pike fishing but need to know the closest lake to vancouver( that yer alowed to fish for them) --any help would be good

east to alberta or north, pg way. not sure if it's a watershed thing or not, but east of the rockies for pike.
but upper part of bc has them also. closest I know would be jasper way.

are you sure you meant northern pike and not pike minnow. as gearbox said, northern pike are not around here. as for pike minnows, Chilliwack lk has a pike minnow derby every year. some of the local members can tell you other places for them if that is what you mean.

*Cultus Lake has the pike minnow derby, they are plentiful and very easy to catch.

thanks for the correction Monahan. Cultis lk is what I meant. old age I guess !

thanks guys --Norther pike is what I want, i know there up in the interior --but closed due to illiegal stocking --would like to know the closest lake to vancouver I could go and catch Norther Pike --- pike minnos are exelent sturgeon bait--thats all I know about Pike minno---thanks for all the help sure would like to find a lake with those brutal Norther pike in it to catch and frie a few--in cooking oil fishand chips --thx Valco
Zap brannigan

Columbia river has illegally stocked pike and there's a bounty on them.

thanks ill look into that zap brannigan--thx for the help

there's a rumour of them in the Columbia, but I see no proof of anyone catching one. and the rumour is that they are on the southern side of the border. your odds of catching a pike in the Columbia would be next to zero. you are way better off going to a lake that hold them. the closest I can think of is Talbot lake just past jasper. going north, the closest I can think of is the peace region. do it right and take a trip to the Yukon, it's worth it.

A few years back my buddy caught a Pike on the Columbia and tons of Whalleye.

there's a good population of walleye in there, but to make it a destination to go trying to catch a pike is pretty crazy. I think bc hydro has netted a total of five, that's hardly a targetable population.

I saw on a web site that Erie Lake near Salmo has northern pike but then I read an article on the lake and it only mentioned lg mouth bass, brookies and pumpkinseeds. you might want to check further in that area. maybe a call to a tackle shop in Salmo might help you. as gearbox said, there may be some but I have never heard of anything worth targeting after driving for a day !

not sure if that lake near salmo is the one, but I know that they found pike in a lake in the kootenays awhile back and they shut down the surrounding area and poisoned it off. closest actual targetable lakes with pike would be chetwynd area heading north or jasper area heading north/west. Calgary way also. have to get east of the rockies.

I've been fishing the Columbia River around Castlegar for the last few days.... kept seeing these signs around the river at some of the more popular fishing spots. --->>

Decided to try for one..... heres the result

BIG female full of eggs!! hope i get the reward!

It wasnt me but someone i know ill try and post a pic.


Charlie Lake close to Fort St. John is probably closest destination to get some trophy pikes and walleys in BC. I'm located in Vancouver but I never regret to go there and have good fishing time. Walleys are taking basically anything similar to worms. For bigger pikes you should set bait to make sure that "hungry smaller water residents won't attack it":-) Camp site on Charlie Lake is simple but always works for me.

Charlie lake is pretty good. there's closer lakes near chetwynd though, and some near Hudson's hope. but for walleye AND pike, one can't really beat Charlie. jasper is closer though, 5-6 hours from Kamloops, whereas ft. st. john is double that. for a twelvish hour drive, one could get into Saskatchewan or pretty much anywhere in alberta and a lot better pike.

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