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how is the water level and clarity? I will have half a day Friday to kill so will try my luck. not what I was hoping for but .......Vancouver Island will have to wait. was sure hoping to spend a few days on stealheadmike's haunts but it is not to be. next year? in the meantime can anyone cure my curiosity. usually when I get down it is blown out and muddy !

thanks. hope the rain holds off.

I had a very pleasant day exploring the lower river , which I had never fished. The day was made much more enjoyable as I was fortunate enough to spend the day with Mr. Grey1 . Too bad we are no longer fortunate enough to enjoy his company on this site. Unfortunately he got tired of listening to the crap from those who think they are perfect. For those wondering he is a very fine gentleman and a pleasure to spend a day on the river with. maybe next time we will catch some fish. Thanks again, my friend!

There's damn near a good decade and a half of experience standing there, lollollollol.

Glad you had a good time and met the grey 1 Cagey, hopefully we can get together one of these times and do the same, I'd like that very much.

for sure.i told mrgrey1 I'd love to run into you sometime too. he agreed it would be some tall tales exchanged ! how did your deer trip go? lots of snow where you were?

Camped on the top of Shovelnose Mountain until it reached -23 in the tent then came down to base where it was only -12 lollol. Got two 4 legged critters for the family and a few birds but not the whopper season like some others have been but overall I was still happy with the results.

Let it be known when your down this way again and maybe if the stars line up we can have a fish.

take it easy

for sure, will let you know when I am going to be down that way .
I was thinking it must have been awful cold when you were up. too cold for this old guy! I like hunting in October before it snows. I have seen some very respectable trophies the last two years but for various reasons such as too far downhill ( a big 5 pt 300 yds downhill. I took a spike 200 yds closer, tastes great and I did not kill myself packing it up the steep hill like I might have had I taken his grandfather down the hill further ! ), too far away (a silhouette of two giants at 700 yds), one missed shot at a 6 pt (far smaller than the giants but still trophy size). next year! with the sudden heavy snow no one got up there after nov 1st so I know where I will be next season . if you ever get up this way in September/October I could turn you loose on my secret spot.


by the way Bently, a decade is only 10 yrs last time I checked. me and the grey 1 were fishing when you were in diapers ! ( lol )
we have way over a century between us ! (and that was after we got rid of the diapers !!!)

Oh shyt, I meant to say a century, must be old age as I'll be 50 this year, lollol.

we do not have 1 1/2 centuries between us. why mr grey1 is just a young guy ! just look at him. me, I cannot deny the old age !
as for you old Bently, if you are only 50 what will you look like at 63? it is scary to think !!! lol lol

Hi guys, i am planning on making a trip to the vedder river next week (Monday or Tuesday). I was wondering if anyone could tell me how the fishing has been. Im not necassarily after steelhead, I'm after anything, coho, dolly's etc. Would it be worth a 3 hour drive from kelowna? Are steelhead the only fish running right now? Or are there others as well.
Tight Lines

As fishing and conditions can change so much day to day, one never really "knows" how fishing will be and even more so when its for the following week.
Pretty much anytime of the year will get you into fish there though, depending of course what you want to target and of course conditions. Steel are indeed the main target right now but resident rainbows, bulltrout are around as well. Coho not until fall.
Shoot me an email @ for more info though and hey who knows, if you want company/fuel share then I may pop down as well as was thinkin about it Kel area also.

Thanks! I have a full car, but next time i will make sure to email you.

Well i didn't catch my first steelhead this week but the 3 hour drive was still worth it… I hooked into a couple big steelies but they got away. On my last cast i caught a nice sized dolly which made the trip. The water was clear for the most part and the water levels seemed good.


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