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can any one tell me if this is true and when they bite and what the bite on thx

any help would be awsome we havent ever caught ,and want to any tips or even if they are rumerd in yellow lake thx

check out the fishing reports on yellow lk.
there are definitely perch from the couple of reports I read but having never fished there I do not know about bass. there are trout stocked in yellow as well. perch will bite on anything from my experience. one report was with a worm and float that was successful. before you rush up to yellow, I would think it would be frozen over now. wait until spring before you go that far.

Thank you cagy-- Im going up there in may-Valco

I thought I heard that they poisoned it off a couple years back to get rid of the perch.
if they didn't, I'd keep hush about it or they'll be all over it.
as for how to catch them, anything, they are voracious.
little rubber anything.

there were reports from last summer about perch so I do not think they were poisoned off. whatever you do be sure to behead everyone you catch. do not take any live fish elsewhere. perch can do so much damage to the lake. The lake I live next to was poisoned 3 years ago. what a change. we had no birds left around here nor dragon flies or damsels. now the sky is filled with them (thank God as they eat those dammed mosquitos.) the perch ate everything in the lake, and I mean everything.

Where is yellow lk in penticton

i herd they tasted great iin dindny know they were so invasive thats ,like snake heads,,wowo

Perch are amazing to eat a little fish crisp and garlic

Can some one find the closest spot to the lowermain land on these Tasty litte devils closest lake ive found is Yellow and its a good 4oo klmerters away from me in coquitburn

we used to have perch derbys in Shannon lake. I miss those fish-frys afterward.
pinaus was always good for perch, but the lake-access is closed now I believe, unless it has changed. the area was deemed unsafe due to slides last I heard. it was a friend's favourite lake. he had a mess of perch in his boat one day, a CO pulled alongside and asked how many he had, to which he replied that he wasn't sure. the CO counted them, found he was a few over the limit, then he proceeded to take them, one by one, and hold them in the water until he was able to revive enough to put him back at the limit.
I have never understood how fisheries deems them "invasive" and they poison whole bodies of water to get rid of them, yet they have "catch-limits" on them.

Gearbox, good to see you are still around. You are quite correct about Pinaus Lk. The owners lost everything as the access has been cut off due to unstable land. What a shame. The CO your friend encountered should be tarred and feathered for protecting them.I live near a lake that was poisoned . The change in the ecology as a result is unbelievable. the perch ate everything so we had no dragon flies, damsels or birds. Now the valley is crawling with them. They may taste good but....

I agree, but it isn't just that particular CO, it's the fisheries department in general, they have catch-limits on perch in B.C. it makes no sense, aside from it being just another thing they can collect a fine for.

Fishing forum > perch and smallmouth bass in yellow lake


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