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Hey everyone, this weekend I went out and tried my luck on the cheakamus river, I fished below the bridge and walked along the rail road tracks trying different pools, I used eggs, salmon flesh and leaches. No bites on anything, I even tried a spoon on my normal rod. I fished almost all day with no luck, I have done a lot of fishing in the kootenays with luck, and usually have fair luck aswell during salmon season, but I never have any luck this time of year in the lower mainland for trout...what am I doing wrong? Do bulltrout rise and jump like every other fish? because I saw no risers...anyways thanks for your tinme everyone

You say you used eggs and salmon flesh, I hope you mean flies as there is a bait ban there. Try some sculpin patterns or MOALs (these are leeches tied about 4" -6" long)

They were flies... i always check the regs and hvve fished those rivers numerous times, i know theres always a bait ban there. Now can someone give me some advice instead of jumping the gun...that being said to dumptruck
Zap brannigan

Large white or peach coloured bunny leaches with lots of flash fished through the deep slots and pools and swung through tail outs.

Some days they won't take anything other days its simple as a peice of chartuese wool on a hook, and also some of them runs get pounded pretty hard during the winter months so some of those bulls will have been stung multiple times.

come on dumptruck, isn't the purpose of the forum to give advice and share ideas/info. he is not asking for your favourite pool!

You are a very ignorant person dumptruck, i have put in many hours on the river, some sucsessful some not. Yes i do use this site to ask for tips, isnt that what it is here for? Sorry if i came off as rude saying give me advice, but after you had your big speel and jumped to conclusion i didnt really care. Thanks to the people who actually give advice on this site! But because of jackass like dump truck i am leaving this site... as many others have

dumptruck, I learned the same way . there were no computers and fishing mags were all about bass fishing.
now we have various means of finding out things. and as far as I can see the purpose of sharphooks and other sites is to help new fishermen. this member was only asking what lures to use. if you know he asks a lot of lazy questions you would also know he fished that system a lot. I am not saying you should be putting the fish on the hook for them but maybe help point them in the right direction.

as for the tantrum thrower, maybe you should go away if you let dumptruck hurt your feelings. it is a tough world and if you cannot handle what dumptruck said you are in for a tough life .

No feelings hurt, i only ask for so many tips because anywhere i go is a good four hour drive and i want to make the most out of the trips. I also have never fished for bull trout before really

Dumptruck. Give it a rest. If you have no fishing advise like Chris is asking for then just don't make arguments. Chris use the different color leech and muddler patterns oversized patterns. Btw 4 hours is along drive what system. Are you fishing?

Fishing forum > squamish fishing tips


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