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anyone know when sockeye opens on the fraser. can i get a site to see when the opening is

latest dfo reports say it will be a while. check the salmon fishing regs for the dfo website and look for fishery notices
kokanee King

Can't wait!! I am ty'n up my 30' leaders as I type. To all the dentists I say Cheers!
The Yak

The powers that be are going meet again on Sunday. We will know then around 3:30pm if they are going to open for Socks.
Lucky Fisherman

30' leader!? You'll never catch anything with that. You need at least 60'! At least 60' and a few extra treble hooks along the leader wouldn't hurt. Better yet use a Shotty. Works 4 me!

Any news on the sockeye?

fisheries will review possible openings on friday, august 12th......... doesn't look good yet.
stink finger

call6668200 push 1 for test fishing 2 for updates the fish counts are1 and2 fish per drift they should be 100 to 200.whonnock is the one to listen to for the fraser

I found this link to the daily test fishing results as well:

Caught & released 6 socks today on this fishing place. Played with 1 spring but lost it. Guess what place am I talking about?

And another pic...
stink finger

any springs bonked

is it scale bar?
The real Steelyslayer

What a gongshow, anyone who fishes with that many people is a beek. Sergio I bet you were shoulder to shoulder with all the people at the top seam. Fraser should be shut down to bb then beeks like the guys at scale wouldnt be able to get any meat!

You are right el-nino2010. It's a scale bar.

the realsteelyslayer...what the hell are you talking about? Are you in some wonder land that doesn't exist? Those people paid licenses to fish and guess what...for a chance to catch fish to take home and eat. And since when did you make the rules on how people should fish and where? if you went and told those people ( and i hope you don't )how to fish you would find yourself in the river all soaking wet! relax and do your own thing man...
The real Steelyslayer

El Nino go there and take a look at the beeks fishing down there. Sit back and watch what our fisheries our coming too. Did you take a steelhead course with Vic two years ago?Maybe in a few years you may understand son.

Also I hope socks don't open
stink finger

no reason to call people beeks if you have a problem talk to fisheries this is a legal fishery.i also hope socks dont open but the natives are out and selling fish this shit is more of a issue to me.i have a huge problem with natives selling fish.take a drive down one of the reserves and see hundreds chucked in the bush.they toss more fish than the so called beeks catch all year,at least fishermen contribute to our fisheries by owning lisences ,dont even get me started

apparantly there will be a meeting on tuesday. they have downgraded the run from 7 million to just 4 million soks. i have also heard that native food fisheries allow them to sell their catch as a method of earning income. Why call it a food fishery then? if there is an won't be a long one anyway.

hey stink you wrote

"i have a huge problem with natives selling fish.take a drive down one of the reserves and see hundreds chucked in the bush.they toss more fish than the so called beeks catch all year,at least fishermen contribute to our fisheries by owning lisences ,dont even get me started

Man if you could ever take a picture of that and send it to the media they would be all over the natives and dfo. the courts would also see that as a violation of resource. their whole stand on natives going hungry would be in jeopardy.
The real Steelyslayer

Stink fingers when you saw these 100's of fish dumped did you call DFO? Take pics? What reserves were these on>? I find that very very hard to beleive.

Saw a bunch of washington plates at one of the houses on the reserve where we were fishing yesterday....

Do we have to release all socks in landstorm-bar?
The real Steelyslayer

Stink fingers if u actually saw that happen and got it on tape you could make a very good buck with oneof the news networks. Actually you said if you drive to one you will see it. Why not tape what you actually saw and put it on the news?

Bet you can't film something you didnt see though!

I agree totally. I would love for someone to get a few pictures of throwen away fish to the media.
general sturgeon

hey guys i hate to break it to ya but its not just the natives what about comercial fisherman, i work at a fish plant in ladner and i see the natives fishing on the river everyday and i see how much salmon comercial fishing brings into the plant and the natives catch is not even close man. not just salmon either we do like 100,000 or more pounds of halibut 6 days a week. its comercial fishing that kills stocks.

those fish at commercial plants go directly to seafood departments in grocery stores, large hotels like those in newyork and las vegas, and local venues. the halibut is set on quota limits and i don't think they fish all year round. it is staggering the amount they catch but it is not being chucked in the bush while others stand on the sidelines waiting for a chance to fish.
The real Steelyslayer

thats why commercial guys haven't had an opening this year
stink finger

guys im not bsing there used to be a fish truck at the mouth of the coquihalla i along with several neighbours witnessed the dumping of fish right behind the truck several times.underneath the agassi rosedale bridge and i have witnessed this at the coquitlam river by the old bailey bridge they used to dump fish.for the fish returning this year there was 6 million spawners and overcrowding could have been a problem competing for food could be why these fish are so small in size (individual size).in years passed there have been 3 million spawners with twice as many returning all of these issues on this fourm contribute to the lack of fish along with mismanagement by our fisheries
The real Steelyslayer

lack of size is due to feed in the ocean not too many fish.
You should call the number on the other thread and tell them what you think. Next time you see that get a pic, otherwise it is unproven. If there was a pic of that DFO would HAVE to do something
stink finger

if lack of size has to do with feed in the ocean why are the coho's coming back bigger than ever there are more herring around than in the past.sockeye live in lakes for the first year and if there are too many competing for food they dont get as big and strong this creates future problems when they get out of the lakes to the ocean im out
The real Steelyslayer

would there not be more fish then? The ocean temp is the factor not so much the lake!! Most of the springs this year are way smaller on avg. Comparing to differant species is irrellevent even though the coho you speak spend MOST of there saltwater life eating the same food as sockeye!

The too many fish on the spawning beds and competing- this has only happened with HATCHERY stocks in Alaska. This would have been a major problem with wild stocks before the white man came would it not of? No problems with surpluses of the stocks many years ago probably before you were even born! I'm out

Bravo252 asked
Do we have to release all socks in landstorm-bar?

You mean Squarehead Bar? Of course you do, pick up some regulations or check them out at

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