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Hi all,

I'm looking for a relatively inexpensive charter out of the Lower Mainland to go salmon fishing. Does anybody have any suggestions? I went on a good one a few years ago out of Horseshoe Bay but it is prohibitively expensive - $400+ for a half day.

I would like to take a friend out who is quite inexperienced and unaccustomed with fishing, so I would prefer to go with a charter.


try these fellows out of vancouver. never tried them but give them a call....

Bonnie Lee Fishing Charters Ltd - 3.0 km NW - 1676 Duranleau Street - (604) 688-1096

Bites-On Salmon Charters - 3.3 km N - 1128 Hornby Street - (604) 688-2483

Bavaria Fishing Charters - 11 km NE - 1138 Carnaby Place, North Vancouver - (604) 929-0338

Thanks! ... I found the rates online for the first two that you listed. Wow, is it ever expensive! $400-500 for a 5 hour charter. I might have to rethink this fishing excursion idea.

why not consider going with a guide on the fraser such as sts guiding service or fred's.......a lot cheaper and you can catch springs or sturgeon.
The Yak

You can call Garry at Riverside Fly and Tackle and Guide Services at 604-944-2479.

He guides the Squamish, Fraser, Harrison and the Upper and Lower Pitt systems.

They have a nice new boat and guide for all types of Salmon as well as Sturgeon. Trips to the Upper Pitt are the best but it costs a bit more than the other locations because of the travel time and other logistics but I'm sure it will be less than 500 bucks and thats for a full 8 hours.

I would guess around 150 bucks per person for 2 people but dont quote me on that. Call him and ask for prices. I know the more people that go with you the cheaper it is. I think a maximum of 4 people.

You can see what fish are running and when on the Pitt River Lodge website. Check it out at...

I've wanted to go up there for a long time myself but dont have the money right now.

The real Steelyslayer

You are gonna spend 500$ to maybe catch a fish in the chuck?

Do yourself a favour go with Garry from Riverside tackle. He will get you into fish garunteed!!! Tell him Evil E sent ya.


or you could go out with sts or freds and fish with 60 other boats? You call!

Bites on charters are shit dont waist your money with that guy he is useless doesnt shit never hooked a damn fish when other boats were getting them like crazy, trust me just erase that charter out of your head they suck
The Yak

why dont you at least back up what you say?... I know first hand and have been out many times with him... I really dont think you know what you're talking about.

The Yak

No reply Fish Freak?.... I kinda thought not...

I was out there for a 1 day fishing guide with my family kind of a wedding gift for my cousin, we had 2 lines out , he never checked the line if the bait has fallen off, when we grabbed the rods to check bait he would tell us not to touch the rods that he would do it when he thought it was time, wich he did not do, also we brought food with us to tie us over for the day and all the guy did was eat half of it, and drive his bvoat back and forth from the lions gate bridge and up and back and forth again, all in all we just didnt have a good expeirence with him, i know everyone has there bad days but come on, for the price we payed the guy he could have been a little better than what is was im not bullshitting YAK i was there 6 hours charter

Thanks to everybody for their suggestions. Based on the price, I might just gear up myself (which I've been meaning to do) and take my friend out. I moved here from out east and am very unfamiliar with the fishing here.
The Yak

First off. It is the guides job to "Set the Hook" on all fish. It is done this way because 9 time out of ten people guides take out are usually not "regular fishermen". By this i mean people who dont usually fish for that particular species or something of that nature. If you let the customers set the hooks and check lines then you will loose waaaaay more fish than if you just let the guide do his job. It sounds like to me by the way you describe setting up with bait that you went Sturgeon fishing right? What time of year was it? And are you sure that you went to the Lions Gate Bridge? If I am correct he doesnt guide those waters. Like I said before I think it's the Pitt, Harrison, Squamish and Fraser Systems.

All in all it sounds like to me that you didnt catch fish and that just pissed you off. I'm sure that really sucks and I can understand that would be upsetting in some manner but I dont know any guide who gurantees that you will catch fish.

You also complain that he drove that boat back and forth. If you're not catching fish I sincerley hope a guide would move his boat. It doesnt make a lot of sense to stay in the same spot if you're not catching fish. Would you have rather stayed in the same spot for the whole 6 hours?

As for the food issue, I just think you needed to have something else to complain about as I dont really think your argument is strong enough for you to elud to the so-called-fact that he's a bad guide. I think your only beef is that you didnt catch fish... thats all...

And you know what... these things do happen...

Havent you ever been skunked?... If your answer is no then I'll call bullshit now.


Yes i have been skunked many of times, and i know they dont gaurantee you a fish, as for the guide i thought he could have done a little bit of a better job considering the price we payed, i dont know where you got sturgeon out of all this, and dont second question me on where we were fishing casue i know where the god damn lions gate bridge is and i know we went under it , i have lived in theis area for 27 years thank you very much, i have to say the guide is well humoured but i think he was just there to collect the money and get the day over with thats all, just cause you had a good time with him doesnt mean everyone else did also, maybe he was haveing a shitty day who knows, but please dont question me on where we were fishing and what bridge i went under , i have been around this area for a long time i know my surroundings
Louis Vuitton

OMG, grow up. You are the mirror image of grumpy old men. Stop bitching and go fishing. I'm sure people join this site to read about fish reports and seek help, not read about boys fighting over pointless shit. Help make this site like it used to be, and if you already forget what thats like, that's sad. If you need help on remembering what this site was about, click back a few pages.

The Yak

i agree Louis... Im done...

Fishing that area its VERY rare for anyone to go under the Lions Gate bridge; its approached (from the west), turning just after the cap and heading back to the west.
I've never seen a guide boat go under it to the other side.
Yes, on slow days the boats (ALL) go back and forth there, listening to the radio to see if anyone else is doing well anywhere else. No point ot spend time travelling with gear out of the water to get to another area where there are no fish.
If other people were catching them there, it was ABSOLUTELY the right thing to do to stay in the area, yes, going back and forth.
Sometimes the fishings on, sometimes its off. When its off, no guide in the world will get you fish; some guides (and experienced fisherman) know how to increase the chances of hooking up, but that's about all they do is increase the chances.
Almost all the guides know each other, and use the same technique. Guides grouped out of the same company usually have a "secret" channel that they use to communicate a bite somewhere, but if you're scanning on the VHF you can pick up the chatter. And you can SEE the gide boats, their names are written right on them.
Watch what their using (you'll see them checking their gear) and imitate it, sometimes you'll learn something new.
Usually, their all in the same place, although in the morning they may be in different places "hunting".
When you see a guide boat pull up the gear up early and gun it, follow them. They've usually heard something.

In west van/cap/ambleside, I've been on a charter and I've watched them from my boat. In my experience there are some old timers/regulars who outfish the guides, but the guides almost always outfish those who sometimes fish there.

If you're on a charter, TRUST the guide.
Although, Guides are people too. They have their good and bad days.

If want info on a set-up that works over there, you can always ask them, or me, its not really a big secret. Last year for COHO(watching the boats) I outfished everyone on the water in the area I fished on the days I fished except for 2 old timers who must have been using somekind of MOJO. 1 was using the same set up as me, and one kept his a secret. For SPRINGS I was outfished by everyone and their brother. I think it was related to Depth (I don't use downriggers).

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