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Currently I don't have a boat, and probably won't be able to get one. So my choices are fishing from shore, and renting. I tried both last week.

I started at Rolley lake, hiked around the entire lake, and didn't find anywhere comfortable to fish from. There were a couple clearings, but the amount of snags in those areas are amazing. I pulled up two wads of snapped fishing line from people who had snagged before...

So after that I headed to Aloutte, rented a canoe, and had a great time. Although, since I had to return the canoe by 6pm, I only got a couple hours of fishing in. But I did pull in a little trout within the first hour, and got some bites right before I had to leave

Anyway, I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for lakes with prime shore fishing areas (not fly fishing unfortunately, I haven't been able to get a chance to learn that yet). Or somewhere where I can rent a boat for a day, etc.

I am heading to lighting lake next week, and plan to rent a boat for a while, and hike out to the two smaller lakes. Are the two small lakes good off the shore?

Thanks all. I haven't fished since I was really young, and it's really fun to get back into it
Louis Vuitton

Go to Green lake in Whistler. I'm not going to lie, but use a super light trout set up, two medium split shots and a small small gold spoon, and well, it's just amazing, and you can catch Dollies at the same time. All wild glacier fed rainbows (C&R of course). Oh, and it's from shore.

Awesome, that's just the type of advice I was looking for, thanks

I might just head up there today!

Which parts of the shore should I head to? Got any favourite spots you could share and point out on this map?
Louis Vuitton

As you drive through Whistler, keep going past the village and Whistler Kay. Go along the highway untill you see Nicklaus North Golf Course. Take a right, and follow it untill you get the parking lot for the Golf Course. You can park there for as long as want, cause it's all owend by some rich dude and its part of the Tourism BC thingy. Park, walk towards the lake where the float plane dock is set up (its pretty easy to find, just look for the big yellow float planes that say "Whistler Air". When you are standing infront of the float plane dock, the trail goes left or right. Go right, and in about a three minute walk, you'll get to an area that you can walk out onto the sandy beach. Fish along the beach. It drops off really qucikly there. If you have waders, stand in the outflowing creek/river. Just be careful, cause the river part is really fast. The ground in the river is pretty solid, but anywhere else along the beach, the sand is really effing soft, and you can just sink into it. Just cast your spoons into the river and let it cary it out into the lake. You'll know what to do from there. And the game is simple: A few split shot to get it down (like, two or three medium ones), and a small small gold spoon. Remember, single barbles hooks, and Catch and Release.

have fun. Its also a good flyfishing lake if your into that. If you need help on the hatches, just go to the village and ask where the shop is. It is located behind the IGA, and is called Whistler Flyfishing.

have fun, and report on how youdo.

Any other suggestions for shore fishing? How is Alice lake?

try rice lake in north vancouver. lafarge lake in coquitlam and sasamat lake in poco.

Alice lake is a very nice place to fish. If you can find a boat to go in it would be GREAT but shore fishing with a worm or a green croc would be good. If you do get a boat just put a leach on the end of your normal rod with some split shots. The fish are only at most but if you get a fly rod and loosen the drag and when you get a hit you don't know what to think!

P.S. you can keep the fish from Alice Lake!!
The real Steelyslayer

For your interest Sasamat aint in poco. Aint hard to catch fish in buntzen or Sasamat, worms, bobber, little hooks cant go wrong Fish off the bridges, good luck! El Nino still have not seen you in the u. vedd@!!!

not gonna be fishin much until the socks open on the fraser and plus the pinks in the lower fraser are gonna keep me busy around late august.your gonna see me on the vedder around september steely!

For those interested in shore fishing, this article has a list of local lakes, with description of shore fishing availability:

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Catch: 2 Rainbow Trout
Sun, Oct 27, 2019
Sayres Lake
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Sat, Aug 24, 2019
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Catch: 1 Cutthroat Trout
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