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Hey everyone, havent been on for a while but since i have graduated me and my friends are planning on a camping trip to the Manning park area. I have went to and this website only displays the Lightning lake Camp ground as a reservable site. i was wondering if there are other decent and preferably large enough camp ground for abount 10 ppl in manning park near water. Me and a couple of my friends plan on fishing and was thinking of camping besides a lake or a creek which has a good number of fish that are willing to bite. we are also planning on hiking the trails, canoeing, boating and just having fun. we are planning on taking a couple cars , and a grey hound bus to the camp site. Furthermore i was also wondering which flies i should be using when fly fishing, and what bait or lures i would have good succes with for spin casting. I am planning this trip from August 10 - 14. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone


Fish Carver

Manning Park can be a Zoo this time of the year. As an alternative, you might want to try link Lake. It is about an hour and 20 min. further than Manning Park located between Princeton and Summerland. Rainbows to 20" from three lakes within three miles of each other. Chain is a trophey lake two fish per day single hook barbless. Osprey lake allows gas motors up to 10 hp and Link Lake is electric motors only. There are Forestry camp sites on all three but better than that there is a B&B with private cabins, Camp Sites with full bath facilities. There prices are very resonable. You can reach them at

Actually, we cant go that far up to princeton because many of us dont have transportation and the site at lightning lake has already been booked for august 9th. I have actually been up to link, chain and osprey lake before because my friend owns a cabin and land property in pinewood, about 30 minutes away from the osprey. I was also wondering if anyone has any information on fishing lightning lake and the other lakes in the chain of lakes. we will be taking a dinghi and renting a couple canoes and going down atleast to flash and strike lake. Furthermore, i will be fly fishing and spin casting. I am a rookie at flyfishing and was wondering if anyone knows any effective dry or wet flys i may use on the lakes and streams there in the august 9 - 12 time period. Any information on fishing spots on the lakes or the many creeks around the lightning lake camp site would be greatly appreciated. I am also looking to do some creek fly fishing around the lightning lake camp ground area and was wondering if anyone knew of any creeks or streams int he area which may be good for fly fishing for bows. Thanks again

Lucky Fisherman

If you want to fly fish near the campsites then try Lone Duck Bay. I used to catch 5-10 trout/evening just whipping a fly at into the water at the end of a casting rod... lol

On the far end of the Lighting lakes there is a creek, fly fishing from shore or from boats/canoes near the creek usually yeilds good results.

If you can find the hole at Flash Lake you'll be catching fish on almost every cast. Especially if you know how to rig up a Water Bobber and Fly...
Casting a Fly Rod from shore is very difficult, if you want to lug a float tube out there then you could be in for a lot of fun as long as the effort to hike it out doesn't bother you. In fact if you Canoe a Tube to the end of the Lightning Lakes then it's only about a 10 minute hike with the Tube to Flash.

Fishing forum > Manning Park Camp Info


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