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This thing measured out to be around 15 inches caught on a Green Doc Spratley wich is pretty big for that lake the biggest i have ever seen till this one is around 12 inches and smaller

Well here I go...
First of all congrats on landing the fish, and if you kept it then the rest of this reply you can ignore.
But if you released it then your a retard for handling the fish the way you did. Blood comming out its gills, the hook still in its mouth while your measuring it!!! I mean wtf man?? Havent you learned anything? Dont you watch fishing shows and get educated on how to handle fish? I think you probably lifted the fish right outta the water with your rod, not a net, right into the boat, thats why its bleeding like that.
I hate seeing people do this stuff. Nice fish for sure but you got to handle the thing like its your child man, those things bleed easy and feel pain!
Just the way its on that measuring board with the hook in its mouth really sucks for me.
stink finger

you are a fn whiner if you dont have any thing good to say then dont

Were you the people boating friday evening??

I was there(mill lake) and saw 2 people were boat fishing

in the lake.

Anyway~ Hey dude!!

what happen to your fishing gear sale~!!

I've been waiting for your reply all along~!!

maybe troutfisher should ask first if it was released. arrogant responses like yours deter guys like fishfreak from posting reports and pictures for others to see. Nice fish fishfreak and keep up the good fishing reports.


Thats a fish is for the fry pan. Nothing wrong with keeping one 12 inch fish for lunch dude. Just put back the big ones

And a genius you are, not knowing the difference between your and you're
Louis Vuitton

Way to go FishFreak! I never catch fish in that lake. That is a nice rainbow though, considering the conditions of that lake. How deep were you?, and where were you on the lake?
Were they hitting on anything else?

Troutfan, or what ever, this site was made to help eachother, inform eachother, and to give eachother encouragement and advice, not your half-assed "blah blah blah, your a monster for this and that" response.

Keep up the good fishing FishFreak, and don't listen to Troutwhatever, keep those reports and pics coming!



i have caught lots of trout in that lake
first of all your an idiot to assume stuff

i have a proper trout net wich i used to bring it into my tube i was gonna release it but it swallowed the hook and started to bleed so i kept it, man i have been fishing for a long time so dont assume that i did something differently, i dont see you out fishing and posting pictures of fish all i see you do is post noting but shit on here, and yes i was there that night you saw me at mill lake myself and one other guy, my new tube is a fishcat 4 orange color if you see me just hoolar my name is Anthony, i have caught rainbows there similar size and when i went to release it the eagle in the nest in the far corner of the lake always bombs me and takes the fish. this morning some guy caught ia nice fish the eagle swooped down and ran off with the fish and the line

I dont know why i waste my time with this website everytime someone posts a fish on here certain idiots have nothing to say but a bunch of bullshit, quit bitchin about everyone else and go fishing

hey! there are anglers on this site without attitudes or people that don't jump to conclusions, i thought it was a great report and a nice fish too.

hey fishfreak. don't let little kids like troutfisher who really never catches anything get you down. and yes we don't ever see troutfisher post any pictures of his prize catch, maybe he's too embarrassed to show everyone. at least your out there doin it and provin it.
Louis Vuitton

Keep the reports and pictures soming FishFreak. Some (majority) of us apreciate them. Keep up the good work.


another reject from

yes troutfisher. we do need you. after all who else can catch a pikeminnow better than yoo can. who else can pretend to be a bigshot better than you can. who else can make a jackass of himself better than you can. keep up the good work. Afterall you NEED this site for all your pretending! sucka!


Well said el nino, and nice fish fishfreak I don't fish the lake myself, way too much goose shit lol. But it's better than troutfisher's bullshit.

the gooseshit is just at the beach areas (shore) out in a tube its all good the water is decent
Louis Vuitton

Yeah, the goose shit was the turn off for me, when i went, but I was fishing from the pier/dock thing. If it's good in the tube, I might want to go back. What is lake like for tubing, and what works. I've never fished it that seriously, cause I never took the lake that seriously. What are the flies of choice in there, and where do you go? Maybe I'll head out there this weekend.

as for flies- Anything Black leach's,woolybuggers,black and red leach mixed together

Green Doc spratleys work very well,

as for tubeing its awesome out there nothing wrong with it thats my opinion and i guess that would be the opinion of the 3 other people that are always out there also,
and where to fish in the lake i usually go around the whole lake a few times cut across the middle hang around the weeds 3 weeks ago they put total of 1500 fishin there and this wednesday there puting 2000 more in it becasue of the fathers day fishing derby there this saturday
Louis Vuitton

How deep are you when you fish it? I only have a type III for sinking lines, and a floating one. What do you suggest for my set up in there, FishFreak? Also, what weight rod are you using. I only have a 5/6 for trout, matched with the floating line, and an 8wt for coho/Dragon Lake rainbows (they are like small steelhead) matched to the type III sinking line. If you could help, that would be great.

Hey the deepest spot in that lake is about 45 feet deep, i use a floating line with a normal peice of 3 or 4 LB leader about 3 feet long is all you need for there my rod is a 6 WT but im looking for a 2 WT

You live in Tsawassen ?? I used to live there also i might know you not sure how old are you

Ur all Gay ass hoes, remeber that.
Louis Vuitton

Gay, in that context, is socially unacceptable. Grow up!

Um, I'm 17. I've been flyfishing for six years now. I know my stuff, considering my age. You might know me. Maybe not. Just a question: did you really mean 3-4 foot leader in your last response, or did you mean meters? 3-4 feet seems too short for a lake thats that deep. Even when I fished Anahim Lake in the interior, of which the max depth was 20 feet, i was kicking around an egg sucking leech with a 7 foot leader. But yeah, if you could clarify the leader length, that would be great. Maybe we could meet up this weekend if me and my friend drive out there with our tubes.

Tight Lines eh!

I live and work in Abby and fish the lake when ever I can get away from work for an hour or so. I use a 5wt rod with floating line with a 9ft. leader. I fish most of the time with a black egg sucking leech with a little flash in it. Usually get 2-3 nice size bows in 1-2 hours. The largest fish that I have taken on Mill Lake was a 18" fat monster, what a blast that was. The largest I have seen was taken by a bottom fisher using power bait. It wa a 4 1/2 lb. monster. I have most of my strikes going between the two dead heads out in the middle of the lake straight out from the dock. There is a drop off right there and thats were the big ones seem to be.
Louis Vuitton

Hey FishFreak, me and my friend are going to head out to Mill on Saturday, mostlikely in the afternoon. Just wondering if you'd like to meet us there, and "guide" us on that lake. I do have a lot of flyfishing experience, so im not some neophyte or anything, but it sure helps to have some one with experience on that body of water.


Hey i will be there all day saturday , do you and your buddy have tubes ??? give me your email and i will give you my cell number and you can call me and we can confirm a time for saturday and catch some FISH
Louis Vuitton

Yeah, we got tubes. What flies should I tie up for it?
My email is make sure you put a subject that is recognizable on it because you are not one of my "contacts", you will be automatically directed to "junk mail", and that would not be good if i accidently deleted your email. Yeah, we will mostlikely be there in the afternoon because I work till 11:30, then I think I'm doing the books (finances and what not) for where I work. So yeah, it will probably be around 3ish when we get out there.

You guys just got it all fugured out hugh.........

Troutfisher arent you the guy that bought the level winder from me and i came to your house ?? somewhere in burnaby or somewhere close by

Ya that was me, and ur a fukn liar guy. You said u lived in abby so the price had to include some $$ for you driving out here. U probably live close by, i remember it took u only like 20min to meet me from when I called you. if your out to start shit then by all means bring it, you know where i live. But please dont, theres no need to start wars over the internet. ok

Listen to me dickhead, i just moved here i can come out and show you the mortgage papers to prove it at the time i lived in langley/surrey border, for a little person you have a big mouth and i remember you clearly you had that little fag dog in your back seat of that beater you were driving, remember the guy i was with in the other car he said he would like to meet you at your house if you like and i will come with you and we can settle this in person if ya like casue i will stomp the shit out of you, keep your mouth shut dip shit , if you got nothing nice to say dont say it, and yes i know where you live and you dont know where i live , i have your address and phone number here still so when ever you want it let me know , just hope you know what your in fore, you dont know me one bit, and i dont think you want me too cause if you like i will drive the hour from here just to knock some teeth out of your head BITCH

your just a waist of time you know that man , i shouldnt even swoop down to your level but maybe you should get whats comeing to you
The real Steelyslayer

Fishfreak, your a beek, Troutfisher and beek007 keep up the good work. BEEK havent seen you once at your bar
The real Steelyslayer

Just kiddin FF, this site is toast. The only good thing about it is that it aint moderated! Alex the biggest fawken beek used to be the mod i think. But I think someone took care of him after they saw him bottom bouncing Ranger in steely season.

How did that one taste>?

Fish Freak , I would love to come with you,I've been waiting a long long time to see that fag on the lake. Troutfisher one day your mouth is gonna get you in real trouble man.


well what ever im more mature than to sit my whole evening arguing about dumb shit so im not comeing on here anymore i have more valuble things to do with my time then sit in here and listen to some internet bullshit


lol dont threatn me fukr cuz ill fukn kill your ass if you ever try shit. Stay the fuk away from me and where i live or else. I dont know u and u dont know me and my family, just be warnd guy.
Well i had fun pissn all you off for the last year or two, but now its getting dangerous. So ima fuk off now and say good by to this site. its been hilarious.
Louis Vuitton

I second FishFreak. He, and no one else should sink down to TF level. This site used to be soo good. Now its going down hill fast.
stink finger

this is funny shit, time to talk fishin fellas

Hahahaha your all wrong, call this number for the real explanation

Hey Buddy:

The reason that the trout you caught was that large is because Mill Lake is stocked each year and then they have an annual fishing derby then after. I was up to Mill Lake approx 8 days after they stocked it and caught 4 nice size trout lost alot of them also. Not taking anything away from your fish its a nice one,

Take care

Troutfisher go get yourself hooked or what's the matter no one wants you?

Your an idiot!

I like to go fishing too!

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