I just been to the mamquam for 3 days
1st day= bites no catch some guy caught 10lb spring
2nd day= bites gave up on hope
3rd day=3:00pm got one 5 lb pink female boy is she nice check the photo
its hot you walk in the water you can literally see them and get a net and catch them but dont be a cheater
im new in this forum im testing mission fishing places monday august 25

took him 10mins to reel it in lucky postal worker
he released it what a nice guy ne ways it was a illegal catch
The Coalition2

It's hard to tell because all the dirt and the shadow but the first pic doesn't look like a pink.

The second pic is most definately a pink, not a spring.

Well it tastes like pink looks like pink its gotta be pink because thats the only thing running
The Coalition2

No, pinks aren't the only thing running. Like I said, it's hard to tell from the pic but if I had to guess I'd say you caught a certainly isn't a pink....look at the 2 pics you posted and how vastly different the fish look...the 2nd pic you said was a spring is a pink.

It is a spring you idiot. If you can't tell that you shoudn't be fishing the rivers.

I tend to agree with terranaj98. The first one is certainly pink (white belly) and the second is a white spring (look at the tail/back). Also I never seen pinks of that size.
The Coalition2

You can't see enough of the tail to distinguish anything and what about the back? Have you never seen a pink before it's gone "pink" most have green spotted backs. Admittedly it is rather large for a pink but not unheard's not like it's a 20lb fish. ALthough I've never seen a "white chinook" and if that's the case then so be it but I won't be convinced until I can see inside the mouth.

To the anonymous fool calling people idiots...grow up child. Learn to post an opiion and back it up with reasoning.
The Coalition2

"The first one is certainly pink (white belly)"

Since when are pinks the only salmon with white bellies?

belly - bright/contrast white
tail - size/edge shape

And sure, consider this just as an opinion

I am interested in learning more about this mysterious run of sockeyes on the Squamish that "Coalition" refers to. I have never heard of any, the closest sockeye to there is the Birkenhead ( runs goes thru fraser, harrison, ect. As for the spring in the second picture that you think is a Pink it must be a new world record for size as its a full 2 to 3 times larger than the average pink in the Squamish and larger than any Pink I've seen on the Fraser over the last 12 years. As for the Pink in the first picture that you think is a sockeye, I agree it looks too much like a Pink to really be a Pink, and the fact that this "Pink" was caught in the middle of a large run of so called "Pinks" really makes me wonder what it could be???

Well people argue so much heres another view of it
The Coalition2

Wow, aren't some of us downright snippy and rude in regards to an opinion. First of all I said if I had to guess based on a very unclear pic I'd say sockeye which I have no idea if they run in that area or not because I don't fish that area. Secondly I wasn't aware the pinks running in the area were runts....I agree that last pic which is much more clear looks alot more like a pink...a malnourished pink by Fraser River standards but a pink none the less. Like I also said on the second pic it would be a very large pink by not unheard of. Just because you personally haven't seen one of that size doesn't mean they aren't I's not that big a fish.

Some people these days dont appericate good ol fishing
they take fishing so seriously like some people

Coalition 2,
You mentioned you would like to see people make posts based on reason and to be able to back them up... Well I wonder if this is your criteria for others why do you not hold yourself to these high standards? For example in your first four posts on this topic you insist on arguing with someone who was THERE and saw this fish first hand and basically tell them they are wrong over and over. Well that's okay its your opinion... but what is it based on? and can you back it up? Later you admit you don't fish that system and know little about it. Yet you go on to argue that dispite what you call "unclear photos" you are sure a white spring is a pink, despite the fact you have never seen a white spring? Next you go on to contend that there are other fish running right now besides pink and springs but you later admit you know nothing about the system (ie: no sockeye run). What I find annoying is that someone takes the time to post a report AND INCLUDE PHOTOS for all our benefit and someone like yourself makes numerous posts based on "REASON AND THE ABILITY TO BACK IT UP" basically inferring they are and idiot without saying as much. Now maybe I am over reacting but if you were unclear as to the species maybe you should pose more of a question rather that comments like "as for the second pic that is definitly a pink" when clearly you do not know what you are talking abount. Most things I have learned about fishing has been from the assistance of others and I am always ready to help someone with a question... but you were making statments... and if you do all I ask is that you base them on reason and be able to back them up so you don't cause confusion on the part of others learning by reading things on this site, and prevent people from posting useful info by having to have to deal with posts from people questioning everything they report. If this seems harsh please review the posts in order from the start and ask yourself, if I make numerous statements that are clearly wrong and based on no information should I not except someone to point this out? If you don't know thats cool just ask and someone would be happy to help, just don't tell if you don't know.

Steve thanks for backing me up, coaltion 2 is a one that pick fights at people he probably doesnt know shit about the area and the type of fish that we catch
Keep Fishing
The Coalition2

I didn't realize this was the joy joy happy club where we all pat each other on the back and tell each other what great fishermen we all are.

When someone questioned my opinion with reasoning I backed up my opinion with my reasoning. I didn't start slandering, personally attacking, picking fights, or speaking to others in a condescending manner like others like you Steve and Anonymous have. If you disagree with it then be all means disagree but get off you damn high horse and quit talking down to people.

My opinion was and is based on a couple snapshots the first of which was very unclear, which I stated, and opinion that I have since changed since the 2nd pic of that fish was posted, which I stated. The 2nd pic could be a White Chinook although I'm still of the opinion it's a Pink and my mind won't be changed on that without being able to see inside the mouth (whic isn't going to happen) which I again stated.

I believe the only ones talking down to others to in turn try to make them look like an idiot is you Steve and Anonymous. One more time so it's simple and easy to understand (and yes now I am being condescending), if you disagree then disagree and state why...don't be a jackass about it and then in turn try making the title stick to someone else.

Im only a 13 year old kid andi probably dont kinow what im talking about but i love fishing i thought fishing was about the joy of being on the water and the excitement and thrill of reeling a big one just before the sun sets. when im out fishing all my worries just float away. It doesnt matter what fish he caught if it was a spring a pink a sockeye or a white chinook. all that should matter is that someone had a great day on the water. so stop fighting like little kids. and grow up.

I did not mean to be rude if anything i said offended you im sorry

lol buntzen
for a 13 year old u sound more and more like and adult rock on

It is a spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know this because I caught and released it!!!!!!!!!!!! "And that's the last WORD"

OMG...look at the spring I got!!!!

OMG...look at the spring I got!!!!

the first is a pink 2nd is spring..yipes you guys...
Fraser King

Club Info


fraser..nobody must be pullin your chain...he knows its a pink...har de har



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