Fishing forum > So i leave two crab traps and two prawns traps overnight in the burrard inlet and they get stolen....

Author Topic: So i leave two crab traps and two prawns traps overnight in the burrard inlet and they get stolen....

So i went boating with my dad on Sunday, and i got called in to work so i had to leave two of my crab traps and and prawn traps overnight. I go back this morning and everything is gone... Over 700$ worth of equipment stolen at the snap of a finger. I give up...

Were they up Indian Arm ?Some of the locals have a sense of entitlement up there.
Zap brannigan

Read the regs, illegal to leave them over night DFO might have taken them.

Yes it was up the indian arm. I had no other choice but to leave them there... By the way the dfo wouldn't take them, and if they did they would've contacted me already since i have my name, phone number and address on all of the buoys.

Indian arm residents are willing to take the law into their own hands, from my observations.

Why do you assume that i would keep all the crab and prawns, i would've limited out even if i picked them up at the time and released the rest so why would it make any difference, they just get a free dinner and hotel overnight. You guys all say "breaking the rules, this that and the other..." I am 100% sure you have broken the rules before and you didn't get all your shit taken away so why are you all so glad mine got taken away, would you like to pay for my replacement?

First of all,I'm in no way advocating breaking the rules,but a few points should be made.

The notion that some good samaritan is out there at dusk to ensure no traps are left behind is laughable.Many people leave their traps in the water with the gates up for extended periods of time for convenience.Many have permanent anchors for moorage.There are dozens of markers in the Arm at any given time.

Without checking,I'm pretty sure the prawn traps were legal.Anyone that prawns knows that you need to set in much deeper water.
YZ,are you sure you had enough line and weight to account for tide and current?Did you set in a high traffic area?

It just seems odd that both crab and prawn traps vanish.My guess is,you were in someone's spot,and they decided to lift your gear.Perhaps telling themselve's they were removing illegal gear,but I doubt they reported it or turned in said gear to DFO.

I set my traps once in the inlet during the morning. I then returned in the afternoon to retrieve and they were not there. A week later I got a phone call from the Harbour police saying they have found my traps in the water.

The funny thing is I asked if there were any crabs in them and they said no, just star fish. lol
Zap brannigan

Them starfish ate your crabs.

Apparently one of the star fish was as big as the trap. So it could have done. lol

Prunehead, i was fishing 320 feet with weighted line and weight at the bottom of the trap, and the crab traps would not move that much with current, i checked the whole coast.

Why are commercial fishermen allowed to leave their traps for more than 48hr's?

and pay WAY more for their license than you do... wow, never seen someone so committed to justifying breaking the rules.

Everyone in the inlet commercial or not leaves their prawn traps overnight.

My crap traps were stolen twice at Balcara Regional Park this summer, even during day time. I was told that it had happend a lot in that area recently. Truly, it happend in my eye sight. A power boat stopped where my trap was set for a moment and everything was gone. I could not do anything with my canoe. lol.

sharphooks moderator

I have edited a few posts which were not required.
I do not think we need to belabour this topic further.
it is certainly too bad the member lost his equipment however from what zap said it is clearly against the regulations to leave traps out overnight. Just because "everyone else" does is not a reason to break the law. there is no excuse. end of discussion. simply not acceptable. I certainly hope that you learned from this experience.
to those who responded to this thread, including some of the posts I deleted, I think everyone pointed this member politely in the right direction. Thank you all for remaining "civil" . now let's get back to talking legal fishing !

Fishing forum > So i leave two crab traps and two prawns traps overnight in the burrard inlet and they get stolen....


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