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Are there any local fishing spots I city angler can do some C&R trout fishing in December? Preferably wild rainbow/cutties
Zap brannigan

No need to post multiple threads asking the same question, there's no one out there willing to give up cutty spots, and wild trout are a sensitive subject.

if you fly fish theres plenty of sloughs and backwater off the fraser that at different times of the year have cuttroat trout in them, even portions of the tidal fraser will have cutties and bull trout at different times, just remember all wild trout and char are to be released unharmed.

I know, I didn't mean to post twice, I asked a dumb question about already heavily pressured areas so I erased edited it.

I don't plan on keeping any fish, I just enjoy catching them

if you want just drop by berries bait and tackle. the guys will give some info on what you seek. like zap said...not willing to give any spots away on the net. Good luck.

I would love to drop by there but I have no vehicle/license yet. I have to bus :/ I usually fish the Tidal Fraser for salmon as I grew up in Queensborough, but I felt like asking. Thanks anyway....
Zap brannigan

intresting post old man...

crack will do that to you

I tried Annacis my usual salmon spot with my girlfriend from 8am to 8pm (had a fire after dark) and didn't get one bite all day, we took turns casting lures and watching the bar rig with roe, it was an awesome day spent outside but seems the Fraser is done until spring. Hmm what next

throw a worm on,lots of cuttys and the odd dolly .

Wouldn't they go for Roe though too? Seems after literally 7 or 8 hours sitting there with roe out I would have gotten at least a bite, just because Salmon just finished doesn't mean Bulltrout flipped the " not eating roe anymore " switch in their brain does it? Same with Cutties right? Aren't they like wolves in the water? They take what they can find and hunt for food?

I used roe one day not a sniff ,chucked on a dewy and a jensen egg on the top and that was the trick .

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