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Author Topic: urgent! PLEASE HELP!!!! want to know where I can still find some coho or chum

Hi all,

New to here and I am planning to go to one of the places tomorrow to see if I can get a coho this fall. I know salmon fishing season starts tapering off and this is my last year of doing this hobby ( leaving the country).
Can anyone here please tell me where I can still find those coho (prefer) or chum.

So far what comes to my heads are Vedder River, Stave River, Nicomen Slough and Harrison River. And Squamish River.

I just went to Squamish River few days ago, I think I went to the wrong side of the river(downstream near the train bridge) and there's no fish at all.

I also went to Stave River 2 days ago and only 1 or 2 guys hooked 2 chums. I only saw a couple red belly Coho jumping out of the water.

I am not sure about Vedder river, Nicomen Slough or Harrison now. And which part of those rivers should I be trying to fish.
Can someone please kindly tell me where I can fish those salmons and if I am lucky enough to get a fresh coho. You can PM me with your suggested location if you don't feel comfortable with it. I will defintely share my pictures if I catch any fish. Thanks a lot. Folks.
Zap brannigan

You'll be hard pressed to get anyone to give up coho or cutty spots or locations, only way your gonna find out is by covering water at different systems just like everyone else had to that is in the know.

Nowadays no one wants to put in time to actually find fish they expect everyone else to do it for them, half of fishing is exploring/legwork so get out there.

Give you a hint, some north side flows have a late push of ho's.

"some north side flows have a late push of ho's"

I tried different rivers before and had no luck. Can you narrow it down for me like which river I should try tomorrow? I' m not asking for the exact spot that you go but I just want to know which river I should go tomorrow. Sorry time is tight for me so I have to ask that clear. Thanks a lot for your help.

the upper pitt is good but a long might get lost..maybe the lilooet, those are the north side flows I think he means.
Seriously tho, might not be the best time to learn and look for clean fish to eat. I see chum getting foul hooked in your future...leave them to spawn and come again next year.

well,i think there are not cohos and chums.though i saw some in the creeks in coquitlam,i watched for almost an hour ,saw no fish still have the energy to go on running,it means that strong fish have all gone up.
usually cohos in the westpart of region2 end up at half of november ,chums end at beginning of december,today i went to the stave river which is famous for a huge amount of chum,i only got 4 fish in charge of 10whole hours standing in the river,they are all very weak,so i think youd better consider steelheads or trouts,they re good for catch in winter

Fishing forum > urgent! PLEASE HELP!!!! want to know where I can still find some coho or chum


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