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Author Topic: Did a fisherman's fire cause the smoke under bridge? Big accident on Vedder Canal.

Did a fisherman's fire cause the smoke under bridge? Big accident on Vedder Canal.

the report I read said it was a homeless person who had the smoky fire .

the report I saw was wrong. just watched an interview with a cop on global was fishermen with a big bonfire. if they are identified they had better have good liability policies

Heard on the radio people were following too close for the conditions and that is what caused the accident. The smoke caused someone to slow and brake lightly and then the pileup happened.

No matter if there was some smoke or not, to have 17 cars pile up means people were following to close for the conditions. It was a fisherman, homeless person it doesn't really matter. And it would have to be a tonne of smoke to smoke out the whole road in general.

it is normal for everyone in heavy traffic, on that road to be following too close considering they are doing 110 kmh or more. when someone freaks out for no reason and slams on the brakes or even slows down all hell breaks loose. and some lawyer , if the firestrters are known, will sue them for sure . believe me I know. I have been in the car accident business for over 40 years !

I don't get why someone needs a fire to fish the vedder.
Zap brannigan

i dont get why their saying it was fisherman that had a bonfire going, could of been anyone because the persons who had the fire fled the area.

i'm sure they are not just "saying" it was fisherman, they probably have a pretty good idea. and the fishermen fled, bunch of chickenshits. but I would have also, haha, but I wouldn't have had the fire to begin with.
pretty stupid to have a fire right there where a busy bridge is. that's city-folk for ya.
following too close? ya right. have you never travelled anywhere in the LM?

but only a witness knows for sure what happened. some are saying that a driver slowed to look at the smoke, some are saying the smoke completely blocked the road. I never trust the media's reporting.

I agree. some people just need to have a fire when outdoors. it's like they thought they were camping. if they were cold, it would have been more effective to get in the truck and blast the heater. but hillbillies gotta build a bonfire.

depends on what it was that was burning, pallets make a nice fire with minimal smoke but throw a few tires on there and it'll smoke lots and it's very dark black smoke.

You are allowed to have fires now aren't you ,or is this considered in town ?
Zap brannigan

it was some copper theives that were burning off the insulation on wires, not fisherman.

the firepit was tiny, burning wire like Zap says. I heard some genius came to a dead stop on the freeway, that being about the stupidest thing to do. More than 1 idiot is to blame im sure but not a fisherman.

Fishing forum > Did a fisherman's fire cause the smoke under bridge? Big accident on Vedder Canal.


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