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Author Topic: How late in the season will coho go up the capilano.

This year the rain has not really come and the river is still low, i wonder if there are still fresh coho holding at amble side waiting for rain to shoot up. Any idea or info??? thx
Zap brannigan

Only one way to find out, any time on the water isn't wasted time.

Give you a hint... There's some north side of the Fraser systems that get later runs of coho, only way to find them is to explore some water not too many guys will give up their spots.

thx im going to try tomorrow morning and ill let you guys know how it goes. can you please give me a rough idea where abouts on the fraser you are talking about. no need to give away your spot just give me a rough starting point as i do love exploring and i really want to land some of those late coho on the tidal prsion of the fraser spin casting a snippers and spoons. last week i fallowed a tributary all the way down to the chehalis and fished for some coho that i was epecting would be making there way up there from the harison. unfortunately it was a bit early and it was just full of chums.. 2 weeks ago i nailed 2 hathery and 1 coho on the cap all nice looking close to chrome!
sharphooks moderator

Welcome to Sharphooks. I believe he is talking about streams flowing into the north side of the Fraser. It seems you found one of the rivers already, the Harrison and tributaries . There are others closer to Vancouver but rather than being tarred and feathered I will let you find out for yourself.
From reports I have read, the Cap is pretty well finished (someone please correct me if I am wrong)for the year .
Good luck tomorrow.

I'm not asking where you fish on the Stave; however, may I ask where you park? I haven't been there in over a year, so maybe things have changed. When I was there last, you couldn't park on the west side (wilson rd)and you couldn't drive up much of the east side because of the construction.
I'm sure the construction has changed, but, where do you park. Unless you are about to tell me that you have a boat :-) Thanks.
Zap brannigan

East road you can park below the posted signs and its a bit of a walk, west side you have to walk pretty far to get to the river, unless you get to the few spots in front of the trailer park before their taken.

Most of the time I take my boat but the spots I go to are all accessible by foot. I fish the stretches by the trailer park and by the toilet bowl.

Just curious what lures you might be using to target coho?
Zap brannigan

spinner, spinners, and more spinners.

also jigging spoons and jigs.

Hey just so every one knows the cap is done! dont bother with it till june. cheers

Fishing forum > How late in the season will coho go up the capilano.


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