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Hoping someone can clarify... Can you fish in the coquitlam river? And if you can keep anything? Chums? I read the supplemental guide and I still am not sure. I just don't need my ass kicked?lol

Another question, I have a salmon bearing stream that goes across the back of my house near Gaglardi in Burnaby, the rains haven't allowed the Coho and Chums up. My question for the experts is how long can these fish wait to make their runs? What I've seen in the Vedder is pretty sad and it looks like we are at the end.

Yesterday I finally understand what the hipp is over the Coho, I had one one In the Vedder by a campground in front of a very large rock. This fish exploded. Wow. Didn't get him in. I believe the thing gave m the finger as he went upstream at about 100 km/hr.



Here you go Mike, no ass kicking {yet,lollol}, just help.

Just so your aware, what I am posting is for salmon species only.

Unless otherwise stated in the table below, the daily limit for all waters in Region 2 is zero (0).

Coquitlam River

Coho....... Oct 01-Dec 31, 1 hatchery marked fish per day.

Chinook ......Apr 01-Jun 30, No fishing for chinook.

Jul 01-Mar 31, 1 per day.

Rain definitely helps fish make their decision to go up rivers and streams but in no way is it a necessity for them.

They'll go when Mother Nature tells em it's time, whether they want to or not. Even when water levels are way down the salmon must still persist, that's the way their made, their tough when en-route to their native origin.

Watch out guys zap mite get mad at ya
Zap brannigan

If you plan on fishing anywhere please read through this, too many people don't bother to, it's not that hard.

Also note that that river has pretty low returns of fish and quite a few problems putting it on the top ten endangered rivers in bc.

"You are allowed to fish there as long as you let free any fish that you have caught. If you are caught with an illegal fish you can get in big trouble. Please be careful if you plan on sneaking any home, ok buddy?"

^^^^ This guy is either a Troll or a little "off", Idunno?


Coquitlam River fishing is no secret at all and although the returns are less than fantastic, anglers are still allowed to fish it, hence the river still being regulated in the synopsis. Until it is closed or even more regulated people will continue to fish there, and nobody can say they can't, even though there are much more productive places to fish.....I myself don't even bother going there but I imagine if I was to live "close by" I might now and then..

Thanks for the info, I'm 10 minutes from the river and thought I'd try it. Hoping to get some exercise with the chums. My kids and I went up I believe schoolhouse in Coquitlam past a large query and behind a remote control toy park I found an incredible spot. Deep water, rocks, and not a person anywhere up or down. There is fish in that river, but, as I've read, it looks fragile. I don't believe the industry is helping our swimming friends. Never fished it, but, was curious.
If the same people defend the river like the people of Stoney creek in Burnaby, I'll just pass by. I can see Salmon from my living room window and understand the fragility.

Thanks for the info.


No I was just hoping for a chum, just a chance to get out closer o home.


I agree on the river conditions. I really want aware, I just thought the guys were kidding around about the stability. I went thru this back east with the pickerel in the local river and it was a disaster. Shameful what can happen in just a few years. The fish are safe from me! ( like I sound like a real salmon killer, lol)

I would fall into the idunno category... I'm just trying to do this right.

Mike vanLooy

It's a fragile river for sure but still is angler allowed so if your one that is worried about having an impact on the fish numbers etc etc then don't go. Tons of other more "productive" fishing spots out there, some not too far away either.

good luck in your quest

Dishwasherguy: I really suggest that you edit/delete your post explaining exactly where you went fishing (deep water spot, nobody around). This it the internet, the next time you go there, 500 of your new best friends will be standing shoulder to shoulder. It will turn into this:

I'm glad that you and your kids had a good time. Keep exploring that river; however, please don't post about your hot spots.

Just a suggestion.

Did I forget to mention the rather large population of black bears. I didn't tell that part of the story because I figured no one would believe. They really don't like cost me a pair of Simms waders and a rod and tackle box.

tell the story! if we can talk fishing we can surely talk bears at the fishing hole!

I had a black bear showdown up there a few weeks ago. So focused on tying my fly with cold wet fingers I didn't notice that it was standing in the river staring at me, 15 feet away.

I told it to get lost, and it did.

Fishing forum > Fishing regulation for Coquitlam River


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