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Author Topic: Abu reel problem. Whats the best overall casting reel?

I believe I ruined a Abu 6500c3 today after I hooked somingthing I assume was bigger then me. It went up stream and I lightened up on the drag until the leader broke. The reel wouldn't cast correctly after that. It feels like the spool tension nut is too tight? I pulled it apart and nothing is broken on on the spool side, but, I'm nervous to open the handle side. it feels like resistence when you reel up. No odd noises. Thanks for any help.

take it to a repair shop. assuming you are down at the coast there is Mike's in Abbotsford who is very good. (I hope I have the name of the shop correct )

Could it be that your line has dug into itself? Try stripping some off and see if it's binding.

I would agree the line might have dug into itself a little. Or you might have messed with the drag to much and gone to far one way, play around with the drag a little bit. If not take some of the line off and see what happens when you get the fresh line that has never been touched yet.
And for casting reels its a toss up really, some like the shimano calcutta, some like the diawa luna, etc. I think you need to look at budget first then look at what is it best in that price range. if 400 bucks is your range those tow suggested are good. I use the calcutta 400te right now. its gone 4 seasons so far and a lot of big fish. if you want on a little smaller profile the 400D is good my friend just bought it.

If you find that its not the line binding as has already been suggested and you do decide to open your reel and investigate further then just be sure to take pics along the way as it is MUCH easier to reassemble when you have pictures to guide you. Also one can google the reel and get a parts diagram easy enough. Reel repair shops are usually an easy fix as well.

If you are fishing mainly rivers such as the vedder, chehalis and other similar rivers then the 6500 is fine. If you are bar fishing the fraser then of course you should look into bigger/stronger reels as has been suggested as hooking into a Sturgy on a 6500 probably is not going to fair too well 99% of the time, lol.

Thanks guys, I had to cut the line so the spool is free. The spool is loose, but, the handle seems to wind with resistance. I paid around $150, but, I have a feeling I need to step up a little bit. Lol. Something very large pulled very hard and that was it... I truly love fishing. Thank you!

i'd take it in to mike's in abbotsford for an estimate. it might be a simple and inexpensive fix. you may still want a bigger reel but the one you have makes a great backup.

I prefer the Luna when it comes to baitcasting reels, they are superior to most others IMHO although there is some pretty slick low profile reels out on the market nowadays that are definitely great reels. Abu's are always still a good bet but I prefer the Luna hands down.

If your budget is somewhat limited I suggest a good second hand abu 7000 series. It's a work horse of a reel and not too big or small for any type of fishing around here. You can fish salmon, steelhead as well as sturgeon with these reels.

Thanks, I'll drop the reel off.

Fishing forum > Abu reel problem. Whats the best overall casting reel?


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