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Author Topic: Ex-Ontario guy giving cudo's to the Vedder & Pinks!

This was my son and I's first season in BC and I'm giving warning to all you "Easterners"  that after the last month i admit bass fishing sucks... really. I believe today we seen the last of the Pinks and I give these guys all the credit in the world. I don't ever remember skipping work to do battle with a Small You will read about the Cohos, Springs, StealHeads...etc, but, put the Pinks from the Vedder on your bucket list.
  Thanks to all the guys my son and I bothered for advice this year. Your first class.
  Thanks over to Fred's for getting us into the right gear. My son is a little over 7feet tall and they got him into wadders and boots in a size 17...Rods, reels, equipment is the best and is actually for the local area. Note to self: Canadian Tire and Walmart fishing isle sucks! You guys are first class and newbe's like us appreciate every word of advice you give. Don't underestimate you advice.
  We are on the trail of the Coho now and will keep you updated.
  If you are seeing this from back home, park your Ranger Bass Boat and seriously make a trip to the real Canada and experience a real sport. Seriously. Leave your spin cast at home.

  All the Best &Thank You!


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sharphooks moderator

welcome aboard .
I am however very sorry to hear you have been infected with salmonitis. it is a terrible disease that gets you out of bed at times meant to sleep and keeps you on the river long after hunger sets in ! enjoy the disease and let us all know how it progresses !

welcome to BC and our waters..your going to love it !!

Fishing forum > Ex-Ontario guy giving cudo's to the Vedder & Pinks!


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