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Which lake Should I go?
The real Steelyslayer

Sasamat, then you can sit with all the retards on the dock from fishingwithrod aka fishingwithretards aka

Troll around the camp if you are at sasamat{hint hint} if ya got a boat

Fawk Ian, i see u've finally earned enough to get another comp and internet access after one year, lmao! dont let the secret out now, why dont u also send the beek to your poco hangout with all the other retarded fwr rejects from tos at lafarge lake??? he can always get tips from that fat ass china dude who is so skilled at bottom fishing for chinook now. PROfessional! lmao!

dude, hit lafarge, its got tons of fish, just dont mention flossing coz u might get ganged up lmao!!
The real Steelyslayer

Braidwood is that you?'

Ya mANg that 5ft 4 webmaster from that other site was pressing charges or something? Cant wait to see his fawken beek ass on the river. Take care of him like Chrome Mykiss got taken care of!
The real Steelyslayer

Lay off the little guy you work with he needs a hug every now and then. Also all my major $$$ are bought up there right. How much you chink I spent up there in the last 5 years? I also heard you sold that fat china dude his tackle!

Ya know it's LOOSERS like you that make this site what it is today.
Thanks alot LADIES and SLACK LINES

You two fellows shouldn't be bad mouthing FWR! Rodney has a great site with a lot of good imformation. There is a lot of guys on there that fish a lot and they know a lot to. is a great site to so stop it.

And another thing before I forget, your just jelous of Rodney because he can fish better than you guys so there!
The real Steelyslayer

Rodney is a big beek. My buddy took him out steely fishing showed him where to cast but said dont post this on the net. My buddy got him into 2 fish that day, it ended up on the net. Rodney is the biggest fawken beek who is gonna swim in the river. He is a fisherman that should stick to coarse fishing and thats it! His group of beeks are the worst in the lower mainland. Even worse than the polish A b and C team!

The only reason why you think this is because you are a rookie. more cherry than a 13 year old! Everyone with experience knows this!

Iam not a rookie, Ive fished for a year now! Like I said, your just jelous because those guys catch way more fish than you! Rodney would never give a report if he was asked not to tell. Go somewhere else and lie

You got me all mad I punched in the wrong face, there!

HAHA, beeko ian is jealous of rodney. wah wah. did u get banned from that site like all the other tards from screaming reels or something? hows ur new buddy brad

Who's Chrome Mykiss anyway what did u do to him?
The Yak

I thought this thread was about Butzen or Sasamat Lake....
Please dont hijack thrwds its not proper posting ediquette.

Anyway... Fish Buntzen, I had 5 there on Friday afternoon on the fly... fish the right side of the lake (thats if you are looking from the main dock..)

hi yak. were you on the pontoon boat or on the fishing dock. and what imitation were you using. thanks.
The Yak

I was in my pontoon... The fly is called The Little Fort Leech... I bought a half dozen at Riverside Fly and Tackle in Port Coquitlam.

Its a black and red wooly bugger type of pattern

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