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Louis Vuitton

Hey, I drove by Surrey Lake the other day, and It looks like a nice little lake for flyfishing in. My question is: Is it a good lake to fly fish in? I have a float tube, and am wondering if you are allowed to take those in there too. Also, what flies work good in there? I've never fished it, so I have no idea what the insect activity is like in it, considering it is such a low elevated body of water. Any info would be awesome.

Thanks, and Tight lines!
Louis Vuitton


Mostly the same as any other lake. Look for spider webs along the shore, to see what is flying around, turn over rocks, check the shore grass, look in the water. are the fish rising, what type of rise? If byou realy want to leasrn how to read lake, read any book by JACK SHAW, of the Gilly by ALF DAVES, or one othe many by BRAIN CHAN.
Louis Vuitton

Yeah, I've read the Gilly over and over, haha. It's a good book, eh? But yeah, I've never fished it before, so yeah. I've mostly fished interior lakes, and lakes in Mission/stave area. Thanks though, and tight lines!

don't bother fishing surrey lake. no fishing allowed by city of surrey. its a provincial government restriction when the city was granted to use bear creek as water supply to fill the lake.
Louis Vuitton

Then why do they stock it? They just did, recently, and with some big fish too (3n triploids). I read on this site that it was a good lake to fish too.

Then why is it not mentioned in regs? Why is there not any "No Fishing" signs up?

its part of the bear creek watershed which is under provincial jurisdiction. also the amount of salmon,juveniles and smolts that return through bear creek also use surrey lake. Add a large population of people to this lake fishing daily and the damage would be huge. Why it is being stocked i don't know. that is strange. On a positive note the nicomekyl and serpentine will be open for salmon fishing this year. my first freshwater salmon was caught in the nicomekyl river around ten years ago before it was closed.
The Yak

el-nino2010 is right IT IS ILLEGAL TO FISH SURREY LAKE.

Call Surrey Parks and Rec if you really need confirmation of this.

This is the #: 604-501-5050

Your full of beans. Surrey parks is full of it. We were fishing there yesterday and talking with a CO at the same time. so there.
The Yak

I called Surrey Parks and Rec last year and I'm only telling you what I was told. It is illegal to fish there as far as I know... I will call them again on Monday and post what I find out.

To be safe... Don't fish there until you know for sure.

interesting....did you ask the CO why surrey lake is not in the regs and why the city allows no fishing?
The Yak

I didnt get a chance to call today... Ill try tomorrow morning...
The Yak

So I called Surrey Parks And Rec and they confirmed that it is illegal to fish in Surrey Lake. The person I spoke to said they have water monitoring equipment in the lake and fishing there would cause problems with their equipment. She also said that there are signs posted all around the lake saying that fishig is not allowed.

Dont confuse the lake in Green Timbers Park with Surrey Lake. They are entirly different. Also, dont confuse Surrey lake in The City of Surrey with Surrey lake in the Interior.

Again we are talking about Surrey Lake in the City of Surrey.

There you have it...

In the freshwater fishing synopsis for region 2 its states that there is no fishing in bear creek upstream of 152nd street...thats all i have so far lol

Ok so i have done extensive research on this subject. Surrey lake is not listed in the water specific table for fresh water fishing in region 2. This means that you must follow provincial and regional rules...provincial rules state that unless a provincial park than the dfo is in charge of rules and regs for that body of water..regional rules state that you must not retain salmon in all waters of region 2 unless specified in the table....and surrey lake or bear creek are not in the table..which means no possesion of salmon in both water bodies..however you may fish for but not keep all fin fish unless stated otherwise in the provincial or regional i hope this helps people figure it out lol...tight lines!

From Surrey Parks Bylaws:
"34. No person shall within a park:
(a) fish or angle in any lake or stream without the prior written permission of the
General Manager except in an area designated and posted for such purposes by the
General Manager;"
and as I believe it's posted "No Fishing" around the park, it's a Surrey Park regulation. Contact Surrey Parks for more info.

There's signs posted around the lake saying no fishing.

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