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Author Topic: Ice off?? Big OK & Calling Lakes

Taking the work crew fishing next weekend, Just hoping that the ice is off of these two high altitude lakes, Can any one give me some info???

Thanks if you can......

the very highest lakes are still iced up or just having the ice off. for example nugget lk was apparently iced over last weekend but anything lower has been ice free for some time. basically with rare exceptions most everything is open and turned over. have a great weekend and let us all know how you do

I guess if the ice is still on there are enogh lakes around to choose from!!!!! I will post here after the weekend with some pics...Should be a fun weekend!!!

Tight Lines everyone....

they have been iced off for a while.

Good weather, good fishing, good times.... lots of 2lb rainbows on white headed chironomid's and a few takes on leaches
Louis Vuitton

Got any pics?

will have some as soon as I get them developed, didn't take my digital, will post them soon.....

Fishing forum > Ice off?? Big OK & Calling Lakes


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Catch: 0
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Thu, Jun 27, 2019
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