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The real Steelyslayer

I am sickened that someone does not have the brains to realize they are flossing fish. Just shows the skill of the angler employing these techniques!

Even with regular gear I would keep the line tight by holding it with the free hand - similar to fly fishing. This way you can feel even the slightest take. Most of the fish will be hooked in the tip of the mouth. Salmon takes bait and then spits it immediatelly.

One more thing - don't cast far. All the fish is right there near your feet during high water

* By doing this you feel your leader going through their mouth! This a mouth snagging at its greatest.

Alex from this site posted this and it is sickening that an angler has no clue what he is doing...or maybe he does
The real Steelyslayer

here are some more recomendations from this same guy!

As for tackle - bottom bouncing is the mainstream technique for Vedder (and chinooks in particular):

1. baitcasting rod (ex., Shimano 10', 12-20lb line test)
2. baitcasting reel (Shimano, Abu Garcia, etc.)
3. main line: 35-50 lb
4. foam float
5. pencil weights
6. leader: 15-25lb
7. yarn eggs pattern (#2/0-#3/0 hook with yarn/wool) - see the picture.
8. three-way swivel

People wonder why there is so many river mechanics and beeks bottom bouncing the vedder.

Nothing like ass hooking a spring then reefing him in with
'35 to 50lb main line'.

Any one reading this should not use these techniques! Unless you want to be a beek!

Not too mention he states the rod should only be spooled with '12-20lb line test'. Nothing like overpowering a rod then have it snap on you!
kokanee King

I always find it interesting when people that are fishing for SPAWNERS start blabing about ethics. You are angling for fish that are there to reproduce. So drop the holier than thou attitude. Cheers
Louis Vuitton

Heres my opinion: If the fish did not bite the lure/bait/fly, you did not catch it. You snagged it. Fish dont bite the line thinking its food.

As for ethics and fishing for spawners, steelheaders would fall into the same category. And I do not see that as bad. They aren't spawning yet, and haven't reached the spawning grounds (steelheading). Once anyfish in on the spawning bed and is resting by their redds, they should rest, and the fsihing should stop for them.

But fishing the Fraze, or any other system for fish before they reach the beds, I don't see whats wrong with that. Just once they are on the beds, let 'em be.

i see anglers during october/november on the vedder bottom bouncing and float fishing all the time on the same bank. i float fish but i don't have any quarrels with anglers bb. i don't see any regs that state you can't bottom bounce on the vedder. give it a rest and do your own fishing guys! And unless your underwater with a video camera documenting when and how fish strike...don't assume salmon aren't making a charge for the bait/wool/whatever! i 've seen lots of fish caught bb with the hook in their mouths. ones that aren't are quickly released. the majority of fish in the vedder are for harvest and that is what anglers do..the end result is still the same...the salmon has to die whether it spawns or not.
kokanee King

I agree that lots of the salmon are there for bonk'n thats why I don't get it when people knock others for their techniques at a kill fishery.
winter steel

Yes, some of the systems are considered meat fisheries, however there still must be structure and regulations to ensure the resource is not being abused. Koakanee king, if fish are simply there to be killed then why bother using a hook. Make it simple and bring out the net, or better yet the old 22. It would save a lot of time and effort. You can not make the argument that you fish for sport, but do not really care where or how the fish are hooked. It is still a sport and should be regarded as such. It is called fishing not catching or killing.

Fishing forum > If you want to learn how to floss the vedder read this


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