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Hi. I have never fished later than 10 pm before. I m thinking of going to crabbing and also fishing at the same time around midnight. Just wondering if there is any time limitation or restriction for people to fish and crab in certain period of time. I live in richmond. I guess it's the same rule that applies to everyone in BC. Thx alot for ur help.. By the way, I have been trying to fish for big white fish on fraser river in richomond. but it seems no luck with me. u guys know when it will be here and right now, wut kinda fish i can fish for in this period of time. thx~~

if you fish and crab from a boat then its no problem. If its from a public wharf or pier then you have respect each cities by-laws concerning use. Some prohibit fishing after certain time of day because of poaching issues. The fraser i do believe is closed to fishing after sunset but don't quote me on that. If your looking to catch whitefish....good luck as they not easy to catch and are not abundant in the fraser. best bet would be the valley rivers ie vedder,stave harrison.

Thx for ur reply on the ristrictions... but for white fish, if u r around richmond in the summer time, around july, august, u can go to #2 road by steveston, just at the end of #2 road, u can see tons of people catching white fish there, last year, i caught an average of 15-20 white fish in an hour. but they r not great in sizes, the biggers ones there is about 25-30 cm, most of them are the small mouth white fish.... i m going after the big mouth white fish, the ones that grow up to 14,15 pounds
I was fishing by fraser river 2 days ago, and saw fish jumping up the water, don't know wut kinda fish that jumps up the water around this time of the year.... any suggestions?
Louis Vuitton

Springs, im guessing

maybe bull trout chasing fry.
Louis Vuitton

I doubt that its bulltrout chasing fry. Bull trout are a char, and usually stay near the bottom. For them to be chasing fry up out of the water, it seams very unlikely to me. I'm not like, bashing you or anything el-nino, but yeah, i just dont think that its bulltrout. I also dont even think there are bulls in the Fraser. I know there are Dollies, but they are two different breads all together.
Anyways, if someone knows what these fish are that are jumping, please inform us.

Tight Lines

you have got to be kidding Louis. I guess you don't fish the fraser much. I live just 10min away from the fraser and do alot of fishing and seen alot of fish caught.


Distribution of bull trout varies greatly. They are found in the Arctic region such as parts of Alaska and Yukon, to the Pacific Northwest and Northern California. Depending on the time of the year, they can either be found in the open ocean, estuary system, mountain streams as well as deep lakes. In British Columbia, they can be found in almost all of the streams and large lakes. In the Lower Mainland, they can be found in Fraser River, Squamish River, Cheakamus River, Pitt River, Stave River, Harrison River depending on the time of the year. Certain time of the year they can also be found in Burrard Inlet, Howe Sound and Indian Arm.

I know your a young guy and aren't able to fish all bodies of water ....but don't just assume there are no fish there if you aren't 100% sure. And yes i have caught a bull trout 2 years ago from the fraser and yes it wasn't a dolly. You should head down to the patullo bridge and let the boys down there know there aren't any bull trout. I wish you luck!
chum man

Baowu2, I think the whitefish you mentioned are actually Northern Pikeminnows, or Peamouth Chubs.

or know by us salmon fisherman on the fraser as squa-fish. heck you can catch a hundred of those damn things a day easy, big ones in the harrison, but they are everywhere when the sockeye show up, they gorge on the innerts the fisherman throw in the river.

i c... but anyone now when i can fish for it? because i don't want the small ones... going for the big ones... heard people saying have to wait until the middle of june.. don't know if that's true... i m just thinking fishing in richmond by the river, so not gonna be going up to chiliwake... or anywhere close....
thx people~
chum man

I've seen some big ones in the summertime, but never any over 20 inches. I know Stave has some good sized ones though.

u know... even 19 inchese is good for me right now~~

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