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Is there ? I have been fishing in BC for 10yrs , never new it . Where is it ? they had a display for tackle to use bass fishin at the sportsman show .

PS> Where are some small , Deer , Trout , lake style lakes ? I went to deer lake ( harrison area ) last week and it was brown and windy . The girlfriend wants to go fishing . Where should I take her ? i know of lots in the interior but none to local . Thanks
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Umm, lower mainland, im not to sure of. I'm sure there is, I just dont know where. I heard one of our local river systems is rumored to have some smallies i think (like the Little Campbell, or something similar). Mill lake in Abotsford has iether Large or Small mouth. It has one of them. There is also another lake in Abotsford that has them, but I dont know the name. Mill has Trout, Crappie, Bluegill and Bass. I just dont know much about that place.

Hope that helps, and I hope other people respond because I'm interested too!

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Check out . You will find a listing of lakes containing largemouth and smallmouth bass throughout BC including the Lower Mainland.

I know the lower Alouette river is full of bass. Chucked 20 or more into the bush one day alone last summer, and I was not the only one doing it either. Any bass I catch in the Alouette and Nickelmekl go right into the bush.......... They will destroy the salmon and trout that hydro and development have not already done.

Unfortunately there are bass in the Pitt and Widgeon slough as well. I assume they came from the Alouette. Who ever does these illegal stocking should be shot, so to speak. I have also heard people catching bass in the slack water areas of the stave as well. One caught in crayfish trap and one on a worm.

I know they were thinking of upping the bass limit in region 2 to 20 a day to help control the spread of bass that have been illegally stocked. It was suppose to come in for 2005 but I have yet to pick up new reg's to see if it has been done or not.

The complete guide to Bass Fishing the lower mainland" sponsored by the W.C.B.A (West Coast Bass Anglers) The book goes on to tell you where the entire illegal stocking sites are down to the bridge you fish under or the dock you stand on. It then goes on to tell you why the DFO doesn't know what they are talking about and why you should ethically fish for illegally stocked bass. I am disgusted that there is a club obviously involved in this illegal stocking of fish. The DFO and Provincial fisheries should take a hard line with these people before they ruin the trout fishery for good.

In case anyone cares here are my favorite mostly illegally stocked BASS fishing spots. I recommend you go there and kill as many bass as you want. (limit is 6 per day I believe)

1.Cusheon Lake
2.Hatzic Lake in Mission
3.Kootenay Lake & River
4.Mill Lake Abbotsford BC
5.North Alhouette River
6.SkahaLake Penticton BC
7.Sturgeon Slough
8.Walmsley Lake Abbotsford BC
9.Kawaka Lake
10.Stave River
11.Lower Pitt River
12.Salmon River in Langley
13.Brunette River- lots of 4-6 inch ones

Well Bass are in the Stave river,Lower Pitt River,North Alouette river,Salmon River to name just a few. They do not belong there. They will totally decimate salmon, trout and steelhead as they basically love eating fish. It is only time before they spread into other fraser river tributaries. So if we do not eliminate the threat now in 10-15 years the salmon steelhead will be in total collapse. I guess those idiots that stocked them in lakes all over the lower mainland just had to stock them in local streams.

What do you propose we do to save our Salmon,Trout and Steelhead fisheries then? Chemically treating the rivers is impossible so, what does anyone suggest?

Want to see the future of bass fishing in British Columbia? Look no further than New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. It ain't a pretty sight.

Bass are not native to those provinces. Bassers introduced them near the turn of the last century with devastating effects on existing trout, salmon, and chain pickerel stocks.

Instead, the bass munch the food on which trout and salmon fry depend, as well as on the trout and salmon fry themselves, and multiply to the point where they have become stunted versions of the bass you find in Ontario or the U.S.

BC can look forward now to the despoliation of excellent Trout,Salmon and Steelhead habitat and its replacement by a bass fishery that will never be more than second rate.


Hi no1important. We understand your fustration when it comes to bass in rivers and such. You seem to to post on every forum on the net about it. Bass in lakes re not an issue if they are not competing with trout. Bass in rivers are a huge concern to me as well because they will prey on smolts ravenously. The infected rivers should have a bounty put on them to control or eliminate their distribution and impact. however people will still want to fish for bass so give Mill lake a try just off the fishing pier. Chuck near the lilly pads but watch out for snags. Its still a bit early but give it a go. As for bait use cocktail shrimp or worms.

Wow . I never thought of it like that . I knew that Bass were not native to BC . I think that there should be some sort of drastic action to eliminate bass from salmon and trout habitats . I don't know what to do , that is for the professionals . I hope they do something . I do think that there should be " bass only " types of lakesso that we can enjoy fishing for them .

On another note . Thanks for the list of lakes , I will try Mill lake in a few weeks . Would those lures that get used on the " Bass fishin TV shows " work up here ???
Thanks for the help , I just want to make sure that everyone knows I am not supporting the illegal stocking of bass .

some bass lures have treble hooks on them. just replace those hooks with single barbless ones.
The Yak

I know a few tackle shop now carry plent of Bass gear and bass flies... Go see them for advise

Is that comment to mean you don't want me to seek advice on this forum ? or did I read that wrong ? .
Thanks for the advice .
Louis Vuitton

I understand fully about no1important is talkig about, but I strongly feel that they are taking it to militantly as to what there actions are. Illagal stocking of bass is a serious offense, not just to the regulations, but to the environment. However, if the limit is six, killing up to twenty is also an offense, and two wrongs don't make a right.
There should be a bounty on theses fish where they are not native, such as the one they have in Washington State on the Pike-Minnow (it used to be $1 for every fish killed and brought to a tackle store). Bass are fun to fish for, and put up an awesome bulldog fight that can get aerobatic at times, but they should be controlled. N1I's reference to Nova Scotia is a very true one, how ever, they are starting to controll it and are starting to take actions in the right directions.
Mill Lake in Abotsford, I believe, should be kept as a Bass fishery, as it provides a multi-tude of fish that can be caught from a dock in the heart of a very residential area. It provides an opportunity for weekend-fisherman to take their kids to and teach them about the different fish withouth having to travel far. Kids get bored quckly while fishing if they are not catching, and the idea of not knowing whats on the end of the line can give kids a natural high.
Cusheon Lake, I feel, is fine as a bass fishery. The Cutthroat in there are doing fine, and as you all are aware of, they eat other fish. The bass and cutthroat controll eachother.
I was, however, un-aware that that the list of rivers/streams/lakes that was mentioned had and contained bass. This should be closely monitored, and maybe have a high quota for bass. Rivers that do have salmon/steelhead/trout populations are at threat from bass, and need the help and protection of us, humans. DFO, and what not should be jumping on this. We should be treating this with as much caution as the NZ Mudsnail infestation.

I hope you guys understand what I'm trying to say. I'm not trying to start a fight or anything. I'm just saying what my 17 year old mind thinks about this.

And Chillifisher, no, his comment did not mean to not ask question, he simply meant that they will be more informed and will be able to help you out more with specifics. Aks away!

Tight Lines!

oh ok I thought thats what he meant . I will ask away .
Lets hope that DFO and others take action to ensure that bass do not harm the trout and salmon habitats . Hopefully we can have both and I don't see why not . Just make sure the bass stay where bass are supposed to be .
I have yet to go bass fishin' but I hope to this summer . How warm does it have to be , befor they become active ??.
I have watch them on tv and it looks like they could be a fun catch .

Try Silvermere Lake (right on the Lougheed Highway out towards Mission. Lots of bass in there.

I will give them both a try . I hear good things about Mill Lake . Lots of trout being caught in there too . Trout fishing is my favorite. Now I just need to get a day off of work .

This is my first time on this forum . I have to say it is very informative . I will definitley be siging up for a subscription . Thanks all .

PS> Are there any other local forums about fishin ?????

ok i know a lot of people arent going to believe this. but fisheries stocked bass in deer lake in either the 1940s or the 50s. They've been in the Okanagan and Kootenays for over 100 years. I know people who have been fishing for bass in the lower mainland for the last 25 years. however, before it was illegal Deer and Burnaby Lakes were Rotedoned(sic) to kill off all the bass however the bass had already made it down the Brunette River into the Fraser system and they've been here for years. Now I'm sure the bass have made their way around with a little help but I think it's pretty pointless to be turning this into a witch-hunt for those responsible. I also know they're in a few lakes in Abbotsford which they could've reached through american waterways. As for the Okanagan and Kootenay Bass, they've been stocked by fisheries for the last 90 years, and many of them still have successful trout fisheries (see Skaha and Okanagan Lake). Bass have created fisheries in lakes which never had successful trout populations because they occupy a seperate niche from trout. Obviously since bass are aggressive feeders they are going to eat a few silversides here and there but they're not nearly as minnow-hungry as yellow perch or black crappie are. Or even cutthroat trout. Yeah i said it. I fish for steelhead, rainbow trout, salmon and pretty much anything that will bite, and I love all fish. I dont know how bass got in the Alouette River but I dont think admitting throwing 20 in the bush is a good solution. Especially since it's illegal. Anyways, largemouth bass dont like fast moving waters so the Vedder, Chehalis, and Capilano Rivers are safe from these "Green Monsters." If some of you will get past your narrow-mindedness and bigotry, you may find an exciting new sportfish in the lakes of the Okanagan or Vancouver Island. Pound for pound, smallmouth bass fight harder than any other freshwater fish and are quite fond of flies. check it out someday.

Oh ya. and if some of you guys are genuinely interested in learning more about bass in B.C. you can check out this site and yes they have started biting this year.

Well I agree .
I think i am going to go to Mill lake and possibly Fish Trap Creek too . Never been to either of them so I guess I should get a map . Since the fish are already here I might aswell enjoy fishing for them . becuase there not going anywere .

What i don't agree with is that if bass are allowed to range free in rivers where fisheries are stocking with smolts and where salmon lay eggs and spawn....then thats trouble. Landlocked lakes are not an issue cause they keep the bass in that body of water. Bass adapt very quickly to their new environment and food supply and having them setup in hatchery rivers is bad news. The allouette river bass are particularly disturbing especially if they start to dominate then the pitt river will start to feel the effects of declining returns of salmon not now but in maybe 3 to 4 years. These bass by then could be targeting smolts on a regular basis as a major food source.

That is true , but the only way to rid the rivers of the bass is to kill off all fish . It may have to be done to preserve the trout and salmon fisheries for the future . But Bass specific or bass and trout lakes should be fine . Just don't stock any more lakes with bass . we have enough .

why don't we organize a huge fishing derby which includes these lakes and tributaries that were mentioned here. make it a kid's event and invite hudrends of people to show to enter;biggest fish wins...keep your limits and release our treasured native game fish. this should put a dent in the bass population. just an idea. instead of bitching and complaining, do something about it.


I think the general concensis is..... naww who cares.
Its funny how much people get worked up about a subject and really dont do anything about it. Good idea though but who really cares about bass. Hell id love to fish 4 em sometime, they're great fighters. Another thing I think is this site is experiancing a major downslide in participation and other sites (bcfishingreports) has never had it better. Its too bad cuz this was my fav site just a few months ago, now its a Ghost Town.

Hey~ guys!!
I wanna be a bass slayer too!!
,so I'm going to lower pitt river area(between portman bridge & pitt river bridge) this weekend!
Does anybody know what kind of lure I should use in the area??
please reply me!

Vaseux lake could be the best bass lake in all the province. It's just north of Osoyoos. There was one taken last fall that went over 8lbs on a fly.

Swordfish --<"}}}}<<

Nothern Pike <"}}}}}}}}}}>(

Halubit <:]]]]><

Bass o"]]]{

Trout <^}}}>( [Yeah! people are protecting us!]

Catfish [~"~]}}}}}<
Louis Vuitton

Man, you need to get out and go fish. It will cure your fish-drawing needs. Go get the big one now...NOW!
Get out there. Scoot! go! Off your butt and to the river.

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