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Has anyone fished St Mary's lake this year, I understand it is a great bass lake

Yes it is a great lake but not quite as good as it once was-too many small fish now.
It's also quite built up-lots of destruction of lakeside habitat, noise of construction, chainsaws @ 7:00AM, boom cars/dump trucks passing on the road all day long.
Yes there are boom cars on Saltspring Island now-don't expect a wilderness experience at all.
The month of April will see warmer waters and Bass starting to feed heavily.

St Mary's is an awesome bass lake. Tons of smallmouth 2-5 pounds and man can they ever fight! They're biting right now too!
stink finger

fished this lake about 20 years ago,lot's of bass.i remember a fish a cast. we went under with masks and it was amazing to see the amount of fish in there

Fishing forum > saltspring Island


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