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Does anybody know how to cultivate worms? Is there a store where you can buy supplies to get started on growing worms? Im intrested in doing this as I find that im spending alot of money buying worms at he gas station, it would be a great idea if I could do it myself. Where does one go to get all this stuff?

fro what ive heard is that it is quite difficult to raise worms especially when winter comes. your best bet is to take a pail of water and and head towards the nearest farm and drown the soil until the worms come up or wait for some heavy rain and collect them as they come toward the surface. make a large box out of 4x10's and fill it with nursery compost or mushroom manure. throw the worms in and continue adding material such as apples, orange peels, barley grains other vegetables into the soil and keep it covered. everytime it rains get out there and collect some more and throw them in the box. pretty soon you will have your little worm farm. give it a try troutfisher.

LOL ya i could picture myself now, diggin for worms in the rain on the side of the road next to a pile of shit by some dudes farm. LOL no thanx, ill wait till worm farming is invented. LOLOLOLOL Ur a funny guy LOLOL.

el nino i did basically what you said it worked great had my own supply for quite a long time. It's not rocket science

yeah it just takes some work but it is possible. i always catch more trout with earthworms than with dew worms from the gas station.
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You can also buy worm growing kits. Like, they look like the big Rubbermaid storage bins, and you can label them and what not. You can also buy special worm food to encourge growth and what not. I've never done it myself because I have two active composts in my back yard that I use, but I have had excellent success on earthworms.

Thanx for the responses, great info, ive ordered a book on ebay for $5 on worm farms lol.
Im going to start the farm mabey next week.

Make a compost heap in your yard. If u dont mind diggin through that you'll find a lot of worms! If you know someone with a big lawn or who runs a golf course go out on a warm moist night and find some dew worms! put red cellophane over your flashlight so they dont scare off.

buy a cheap fridge they live forever, but remove dead one right away

Wow, this is an old topic. Ummm yeah, the worm farm I started last year went very well.
I took a Rubbermaid container and filled it with earth. Mixed shredded newspaper into it and garbage like banana skins - egg shells - tomatoes - ect... Then I went out and bought 2 large packs of fishing worms from the gas station. Threw the worms into the farm. Every now and then I watered it to keep them moist. Every time I need worms for fishing I scooped some up and went fishing. It was a good farm and lasted till winter when I stopped fishing for the season. Never bought a pack of worms from the gas station after that.

If you have an old 45 gal Drum of any other container, Take 5-10 gallons of earth and them put in all your degragable garbage. Egg shells, peel, bread, grass clippings, anything that will rot. Turn over the "compost" to mix the compost with the soil you added once every 2 weeks. You will get worms all year round this way, the rotting will create heat keeping the worms warm during the winter.


I heard that you should not put orange peels in the compost they are bad for worms.

Fishing forum > Saving $ on worms


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