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Hi all,

Looking for any info on any lakes between Hope and 70 mile and as far east as Kelowna and Osoyoos. It is my boyfriend's birthday at the end of March and because we both fish (usually Salmon) I thought it would be the perfect gift to rent a cabin and do some trout fishing, but looking at some of the postings it appears a lot of the lakes still have ice on them. Any one know of any lakes thawed with nice cabins on them for rent? I have come across a couple like Loon Lake and Heffley but their websites indicate fishing doesn't get good until around April.

Try Corbot (I think that how its spelled)just east over Merritt they have a web site

Try paradise lake its really nice there. I do not know about the ice though. Give them a call. There is also Island lake 3 min away and its supposed to have some good sized trout in there. Both of these lakes are on the connector just past merrit.

could you perhaps talk to the rest of us guy's wive's, i wish i could be so lucky lol. Atta girl!!!

Hi, thanks for your replies. I got a hold of a few lakes in the area and they are not open until May. Most still have ice on them. Oh well, guess we have to wait until the Springs hit the Fraser!

the Similkameen River has some awesome Rainbow Trout fishing as well as a ton of Whitefish. So does the Skagit if you're into that whole "River Runs Through It" type fishing. Cathedral Lakes by Keremeos have some good lodges and spectacular Cutthroat Trout fishing. And Sawmill Lake near Osoyoos has Rainbow Trout up to 15 pounds.

I think we are going to give either Tunkwa or Roche a try, they are closer (we live in Mission, BC) and I have been told they should be good for fishing in early May.

Just past Tunkwa is a lake called Leighton. Smaller than Tunkwa but has big fish in it.

i live in mission too, springs are in the river already, so things look good for May 1 opening

Springs coming up already? That's early isn't it? Are they opening Spring fishing on the Fraser in May? I'll have to watch the fisheries site I guess for updates. As for Leighton, we have fished there but Leighton doesn't have cabins where Tunkwa and Roche do.

last i heard May 1 is the opening date, and yes springs are in the river already, seen em for myself. I'm out on the river usually once a week anyway in the boat, and saw many springs jumping betwwen the info center and hatzic elbow, you know where i'm talkin about if your from mission, here's a hint from one missionary to the next, fish slaughter house, you'll have a blast!!!

Hey, I actually live in Hatzic so I know where you are talking about both Hatzic elbow and slaughter house. We usually bar fish or bottom bounce on the river (or spin cast where Vedder hits the Fraser), never tried the slaughter house. I heard it is a "hot spot" but you spin cast for them there right?

if you have a depth sounder you can go in with a boat other wise yes just spin cast from shore, when the fraser opens for coho, great spot, hit it when the tide comes in you'll have a blast, do you have a boat??

how do you fish slaughthouse from a boat? drop anchor and cast ? troll? i am hoping to get down in early may and hook into a couple. any help is much appreciated.

Yeah we do have a boat but usually use it for getting to the sand bars for fishing Springs and Sockeye. Never tried the slaughter house, didn't even know you could anchor their and fish. Have you caught Springs there from a boat? I thought it was only good there for Coho.

Have never seen sand bars on the part of the fraser R. your talking about, just gravel bars. Chinook are closed until May 1 , leave them alone.

Sandbars/gravel bars, same thing, and yes, I'm aware Chinook do not open until May first. I was just asking Speedy about fishing slaughterhouse.

thanks for answering that one chick, better answer then i would have given, next time read a little more clearly steelyslayer.

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