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hey guys just about to head out to weaver lake how the heck does a guy post a fishing report??? I can see em but how do i go about posting a new one. Probably will stop at morris lk on the way out, will keep ya posted.
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Cool Speedy,

I was wondering about Weaver yesterday. I have Tuesday to go fishing and if you have success I'd like to hear about it.

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Weaver Lake is a favorite of mine, I went camping there last summer and had an amazing time catching 3-5 lbs rainbow trout. I cant wait to go there again, hope you have a productive trip. Advice: When looking at a map of weaver lake, fish of the shore line areas next to the deepest pool of the lake. Cast toward the deep centre let it sink and retrive, you be bringing up huge trout from the deep towards you.

good luck

damn there is now a gate accross the road, can't get in, trust me i put her in 4x4 low i could not get around. So i tried morris instead didn't even see a fish come to the surface. Gona head back up to the chilliwack lk next weekend, had a great time there a month or so ago.

Just got off the phone with: Recreation Site Operator: RO Maintenance
Got this number off the net. Called them and they said if you wanted to go fishing up there then you need to get the key for the gates from them, then your in!
Give that number a call for complete explaination of how to access the lake.

hey thanks i will do that, i wanted to fish that lake so bad, i've had good success there as well, think i may try this weekend again, repairing my truck after last weekend, broke steady bearing and a u-joint, doh!! drop me an e-mail @ if you feel like perhaps heading up there as well.

Hey thanx for tha invite speedy but im one of those lonely fisherman type, prefur to be alone and one with nature when out there.

Dose anybody have any Pics of Weaver Lake...? I would love to see some, its been so long since ive gone.

Guys? 3 to 5lb trout in weaver? Come on, really, I've never seen them bigger than 16 inches in there. I guess I'm using the wrong flies.

kokanee King

Nope a 16"er is a nice bow for weaver. Back in the day,not my day my grandads day, Grace and Wolfe had 3 pounders for the catching but those days are LONG gone. Weaver was the "piddler" lake then.

Went to weaver lake today and not bad caught a couple and so did the other guys up there, not to busy though

Hey hezzy, any pics!!! Where were you fishing? Boat, shore, Lures ect...? Gate locked? More info would be great.

Hey troutfisher, The gate was locked but the care takers place is on the way at Chehalis River rec site. It was $50 for a deposit and $5 to use it. Trolled around using a willow leaf, weddingband and a worm setup. There was only one other boat up there and they caught a couple too using the same setup. We had luck closer to the shore around the west points. Sorry no pictures but a nice little lake. Had a good time and we'll be going back.

Good Luck

I have a few more at home, this is the only one I have at work. I took this just before New Year my wife and hiked up witht he dog. I was back up there a few weeks ago fishing, no luck myself, great day, not a soul up there, me, my wife and my dog.

God I love that lake. Its so quiet and peacfull, great place.

Im heading up to Weaver tomorow for the first time this season. Should be a great day.

Where abouts is weaver lake ?
Is it only accessible by hike in ??? Can you shore fish with a spinning rod ( worms and wedding bands ? )
There are just so many lakes I have not been to and I have been fishing for 10yrs .

near harrison, go left at the sasquatch inn go straight, follow signs

Hey Guys,

Do any of you ever have troubles getting to Weaver, Wood, Grace Lake.

The company that manages these sites keeps these gates locked most often, when you ask for key they will charge you for the privledge.

Is anybody interested in having those lakes go back to user-maintained sites ?

If so please contact me at

I've spent years going to these lakes, now there always locked!

Cheers Guys

This pci is Wood Lake
stink finger

not a big lake fisherman myself but if davis lake is an example of what happens when there is no gate(one there now)we fishermen should be happy that these lakes will remain beautiful shouldn't we??

Out of curiousity what happend to Davis Lake

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