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Deal Maker

Hey anglers, before you buy any more fishing tackle or outdoor gear. Check with us to see how we can save you big $$$$$ on all your equipment needs!
Salmon Slayer

Cool! I'm looking at a new driftrod and reel for the steelhead season, how can I save ? and how much?
Deal Maker

Thanks for your interest;
Depending on what you're after, some of the retailers are marking up by 40-60%. With us,you can expect to save anywhere from 10 to 30% off of those prices. We've been doing this for a while now and have a price range that works. We can save you big! Our mission is to sell quality gear and help our local outdoorsmen save money, so they can afford upgraded gear & have more fun out in the BC wilderness. We are expanding our suppliers weekly and can get all the brand names.

Tight Lines!

Louis Vuitton

Okay, I'm game for this. Temple Fork Outfitters Series 1 rod at the store goes for 135 plus taxes. Thats the rod I was about to buy in a few weeks for steelheading. Its a 9wt fly rod. How much from you, and how do i know of your credibilty. Like, I'm saying this for everyone on this forum, how do we know your not going to run off with our money, and that you dont run out of a basement with a bunch of dudes that run "overnight" businesses that are gone the next day?
If you are for real, then, I sorta need some proofers, okay?
Deal Maker

No problem Louis, we are credible! You do not pay until you receive your rod or other equipment. We are attached to a registered dealer in the lower mainland. Here is how this all works. One cannot get this type of account without a credit account at the supplier and a registered PST account with the government. We are suppliers to the Motion Picture industry and are expanding our client base through a growing homebased business. You keep your cash till you approve the product, and the warranty is always supplied through the "Brand Name". You will receive a proper receipt and will have all the paperwork to register your product with the manufacturer.

We deal for you with our registered supplier to get a great price, and you save because we don't need to stock gear or have a retail store with high overhead and a bunch of employees.

We are here to save you money just like the catalogue services such as ...for example only Cabbella's
They send an order to the manufacturer and then it is sent on to you. The big difference is no STORE.

Same brand names same great value.

Just email us with your request, at the address provided, and we will respond in kind.

Tight Lines!
The Yak

Maybe it's time Alex thought about creating a section on this site for people who want to sell their stuff... I'm all down for saving money and finding good deals on good used equipment etc... But it doesnt really follow along with what this site is for, and that is people giving advice on fishing to other fisherman.

That aside, if I had not just bought a new fly reel off eBay and was waiting for it to show up at my door any day now I would consider this.

"We are suppliers to the Motion Picture industry and are expanding our client base through a growing homebased business."
In English this means "people in the movie business have their balls in a vice and are desperate to make a buck".
Funny all the people I know in the movie biz-stuntmen, producers, editors, none of them fish!
They sit around Bee Essing a lot though.
Deal Maker

Thanks for your (invaluable) input Rodbreaker.
We are businessmen providing a positive service to others. We intend to continue providing a respectful venue to those willing, and invite anglers to participate and enjoy true savings. It's as simple as that! FYI,the motion picture industry provides tremendous economic spinoff to many businesses in this province.At present, our contact list in this industry includes over 200 (working)avid BC anglers and film professionals. This is a growing list.
Thank you again.

Hope you catch fish next time you are out, because it seems you could use a positive experience.

Tight Lines.

What's Cabbella's?

Talk about cheap advertising, really credible indeed....

Send your orders in boys and gals, if you wish to give away money.
Deal Maker

Hi Beak...

Sorry you did not understand. No money passes through the order system. You pay after you recive and inspect the equipment.If you like to pay higher prices by all means continue to go to the retail outlets. You will soon be hearing how much others have saved through our system. perhaps you know someone who shops at COSTCO????

Have a great day!

Ok so how do I order something from you?
Deal Maker

Hi Troutfisher,

Simply send by email the want list and we will respond with prices and availability. After you get your confirmation email and have the info. We will order and pick-up your gear. Then we arrange to meet you and provide you with your order. You do not pay until you get what you need.
Email us at

Tight lines!

Deal Maker.


Ok this all sounds great but im a bit cautious, you say you will meet us with our orders,? How like in a dark alley??? Is there a website I can look at or some other sort of proof that this is all 4 real?
Im sure this a lagit thing but you'd(every1) be stupid not to ask questions.
Deal Maker

Love the questions!

You pick where and we agree when. We are offrering this service as we are fisherman too. We travel the same places as the rest of you. This is a short term way to get the local ball rolling. When the website is done( You will be able to choose PAYPAL , UPS or local delivery. We are here to do business, not rob people. We need you to be comfortable and tell all these other guys this is the way of the future. As I said earlier, we want Beak007 to hear how much we saved you!

Thanks for the smart reply!

Tight lines!

When you finish your website let us know
Deal Maker

Should be done in the next week or so, We will alert you all as soon as we are ready for the secure payment and ordering. This site will evolve over a very long period but we are ready to supply equipment right away. Hold off as long as you can on those bigger items. You will be happy you did. Thank you all for your feedback it has helped us see where we need to react right away to make this system work for all involved.

Tight Lines All!

you must be going to inland?? i'll give you a list shortly lets see your prices
Deal Maker

They are one of many of our account providers. We are setting up accounts with all the wholesalers and dealers we can. Same great stuff low overhead!so you simply pay less. We are also setting up with some American puchacing systems that have even better prices than some of the wholesalers here!

Tight Lines!

What ever happend to this thing? Anybody know?
Deal Maker

The website is taking a while to get it right. We want to have all the info and tools correct before we launch the site, but if you would like a quote on a product just email me at I'll be happy to send you a quote on whatever it is you are looking for. We have actualy done a large number of orders through the info on this site. It has been going localy well because we can deliver easily. The site will be up soon at There is a temporary lookalike page there now.

Tight Lines

so how do we get ahold of you , I've tried, no responce?? E-mailed you looking for a fish-finder, couldn't wait got one on sale at crappy tire, matrix 17 fishing system, real nice reg 299.99 on sale for 199.99

Hi Deal Maker,

It looks like you could use some help with your website...

Maybe we could barter

waiting for a reply still

Mabey he's busy or away on vacation. I would really like to know whats up with this company.

Seems way to sketchy!!! The web page I could have designed in 10 minutes!! and over a month and nothing on it....I don't know just doesn't seem right to me. He emailed me said he would hook me up with some deals and I told him the price I could get and never heard from him again and that was in February. So I would wait fellas till everyone knows its for real and he gets a professional web page instead of the 10min Microsoft Frontpage effort!

Cheers Guys!

It's all bunk I tell you!
Some out-of-work movie bum thinks he can start selling fishing gear-he can't and isn't.

Um.... This is news to you gals?

Retards are scammers' best customers, right speedy?

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