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Can I catch any cutthroat in lower Fraser?
The Yak


Creek mouth are a good place to start. Use bait fish patterns if you are fly fishing... Like Muddlers of all descriptions on a Type 3 sink..
Louis Vuitton

Where abouts can you? I always hear of peopel saying "Cutthroats here on the fly...Dollies there on this". I just want to know where to fish for them. I live too far from the Vedder or the Cap, and if theres a place around here (Richmond/Tsawwassen, then I'm game. Just tell me where and what.

Tight lines!
The Yak

sorry dude... no advice here... I live in Port Coquitlam

do you think I can catch anything at north surrey? I usually go to the end tip of bounstan island.

Hey Yak, I live in PoCo as well. Have you ever had any luck at the mouth of the deboleville??? slough. Can't remember how to spell it:D I have been there many times with no luck
Louis Vuitton

Does anyone know where we can fish for Cutthroats and Dollies on the Fraser? I heard that you can in Richmond somewhere, along #3 or sumthing. Any info would be great.
Also, what works where?

Tight Lines

hey fido. You fish at the tip of barnston island??? I live right by there. Is the fishing any good??? and is there access to the tip of the island?? btw.. barnston not bounston

i've said it before and i'll say it again. Fish the middle arm 200 m to the left of 2rd bridge 50 m to the right of the dock along the dyke on the richmond side. fish the weed bank during incoming tide and you'll have your dollies.
Try tree bar off 8rd and river rd. past barry's bait & tackle. this spot has never let me down. good for sturgeon too.or try under the patullo bridge by the brownsville trailor park, always something there. try dump bar off 6rd and triangle rd in richmond. these are all bar fishing spots. dollies eat anything. i usually fish with roe or raw beef kidneys. catch and release though. cutties are a little more difficult to catch in the lower fraser, but they're just takes more patience. this is the best advice i can give.
Louis Vuitton

Thanks alot Smiley!
I just have another question: are the Dollies catchable on the fly there? (3rd)

I like to flyfish, but if not, do you just use bait and a float for the Dollies?

Tight lines
The Yak


I've only been by there via boat, and you pretty much need one to fish it as I believe it's fairly shallow. Again I've never fished it but hope to sometime this spring, or maybe during the Pink run. Sorry I couldnt be more help

BTW... are you gear or fly fishing?... Try bait fish patterns if you a have a long enough cast

I gear fish but have been known to throw a fly on there as well. You mention pink salmon? Do they run up pitt river? I have heard rumors about bass there as well. The mouth gets deep, at least 10ft, its been dredged out for boats.
The Yak

dude i need to get a boat...

I have a pontoon but I would like something I can store all the crap I'd like to bring with me...

I have waaay too much gear and like to bring it all...

louis- its all about bar fishing if you want to catch dollies in the lower fraser. the water is just to cloudy from the silt to fly fish. just put a bar rig or a 3-way swivel and ounce of lead. if you go to the south end of richmond off 4rd and river rd. theres a great spot for sturgeon if you're into that. its just past dinnerplate island. you need a strong rod and 8 - 12 ounce weights to fish properly as the current is very strong.just talking about makes me want go out there. i caught a 7 footer from shore. took half an hour to real the sucker in...awesome fight !

I tried the end tip of BARSTON, but never caught anything good. Only some small course fish.I think it is because of temperature.

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