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I just moved in from the Okanogan and don't know where to start. I live at White Rock. I love fly-fishing or baiting on rivers or lakes and hope to find some good salt water spots for salmon, halibut, searun, cod etc. Etc. meaning anything that's good on the table. I have a wide beamed Boston Whaler Super Sport I can dump in almost any kind of water. My question.....what lake, river, salt water, river mouth, etc. would be best for a starter and how far from White Rock? Would appreciate any info. Enjoy the site and all your input.

welcome whalerguy. since your in can go for crabs and flounder just off tsawasswen terminal. no retention of rockfish(well 1 only) and 0 zero lingcod so no point going after them. salmon move into the little campbell,nicomekyl and serpentine rivers in early fall so look forward to that. latimer lake near 192nd street offers trout when its stocked. fraser river opens to spring salmon around May or June. But its steelhead time so head for the vedder if you want soime action. otherwise its pretty quiet around here.

Thanks for the tip on local fishing close to White Rock. I'm going out to buy some detailed maps showing lakes, rivers, launch ramps, etc. I've been fishing and living in Cabo San Lucas for 13 years, so the cool weather is something new. The Vedder and steelhead sound good. How will a ten foot fly-rod, mono backed fly reel sound. I'm really interested in the Sturgeon and saved two Cabo marlin rods (Penn)which should work about right. Thanks again....hope to meet you on the river. I'll be the guy with my leader high in a tree.....lots of difference from speed trolling marlin, wahoo, dorado and tuna, but fishing is fishing and I know I'll love every minute on the Vedder.

El Nino: If you ever fish the Okanogan, I can tell you about a fabulous salt lake that has the best tasting and best fighters in the area around Osoyoos. The lake is spring fed and the main food source is shrimp. It is a gorgeous, quiet lake with no speed boats, ski-don't or other distractions. The trout run between 2 and 7 pounds, with a summer average of about 3 (limit 5) I owned the one resort on the lake at one time, so know where, when and how. A tip from me in return for your advice in this area.

a salt lake? and it contains trout? this I gotta see!

El Nino:

The lake is epson salt (strong) and didn't have fish in it until about 1955 when the State fisheries made an initial plant. They didn't do well as there was little food. A local property owner on the lake by the name Allen planted brime shrimp which exploded in population. The state then planted rainbow. A man by the name of Virgil Stone built a beautiful resort on the site of what was once a health resort where people came from all over to soak in hot tubs full of the lake water. It was by far the nicest resort on the lake and is still a beautiful, quiet place to fish, vacation or dude it on horses.

I purchased the resort from Virgil and we family managed and worked it for six years, until I got the bug to buy a big sailboat and head out to sea. I fish at that resort every summer and the new species of trout are just tremendous fighters and like I said, the best eating of any trout I've eaten. I kid you not, it is for reel!!!


that is interesting whalerguy. probably head in the summertime towards the osoyoos area for a few days. will definately want to see this lake and take in a little bit of R & R.

El Nino:

Let me know and I'll fill you in on methods, location and accommodations. It would make a great vacation spot. You have a Spanish computer name. Are you from Mexico? I just finished 13 winters fishing Cabo San Lucas for marlin, tuna, dorado, wahoo, sierra, etc. Wonderful culture, people, fishing and food.
Have a great spring season and thanks again

whatlake is this you speak of? I live in te Okanagan and would love to visit this honey-hole!!


The lake is Wannacut, just across the border out of Oroville. Go across the river in Oroville and follow the signs to Wannacut or Sun Cove Resort. Be certain to go to the resort as they really have cracked down on people trespassing any private property around the lake...the local judge is not kind and they rack new guys up on a daily basis. Troll Carey Specials (green) in the spring or bottom fish with slip sinkers, 5 feet of leader and rainbow power bait in 50 feet off the bottom which is deep vegetation for the shrimp, which they feed on. Buy the glitter powerbait. Fly fish in the early morning or before dark with green hackle dry or Careys wet; black nats in September. Good luck and don't you dare put the rod in the holder and keep a tight line, but when you feel the slightest activity....strip out three feet of line, watch it tighten and set the hook. Us a small single hook that will allow the powerbait ball to float. Take two bottles as they are well fed and bite easy. You'll think it is the most beautiful lake you've ever seen. Have a great time

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