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Can anyone tell me if I can fish for trout year round on local lakes. Im thinking like up as far as harrison (deer & hicks) or even as close as buntzen? If the lakes do not freeze will the fish still bite?

Ya I would like to know too. I would guess so, fish eat year round so they are bound to go for a worm anytime. Any experts here that can tell us?

they do bite in the winter but less often. cold water temperatures reduce the amount of oxygen in the lakes. this causes the fish to become less active. best to try all the major river systems in the lower mainland. lots of hungry trout right now in the fraser,cap,stave,harrison,vedder,nicomen,dewdney slough etc. use worms,shrimp,power bait,salmon eggs etc.

Thanx and Happy Holidays!

el-nino2010 expert, do you know how to catch cutthroat in lower fraser?
el-nino2010 the lower fraser river requires knowing the tides. 2 hours before and 2 hours after each tide change. these are major feeding periods. after that you have to use the right bait ie..roe,worms,shrimp. anything can work if presented properly. try chucking spoons bright red or orange. a good spot would be under the patullo bridge.....along river road in delta. you will also catch char species such as dolly varden or bull trout. try often and again and you will get into fish...maybe even the first time.good luck!

Lakes in lower mainland produce trout just fine and there is not much fishing pressure in winter. Most of lakes along Sea-to-Sky highway are not frosen and in fact you can do quite well fly-fishing with leeches and other simple attractos. Normal hatching activity is way slower and fish will go for some very basic stuff. I would advise going there in the second part of the day, when it is getting slightly warmer.

My main problem with lake fishing is using my belly boat - simply chilli

don't forget about cutthroat trout fishing in sloughs and small rivers along fraser. starting with the stave river, maria slough, harrison river (kilby) and the like. normally you can see activity on the surface. muddler minnows and small silver fish immitations generally produce well (either steady pulls of 3-4" or immitate an injured minnow).

I am curious if trout fishing in consistant all along the Fraser? Are they like the salmon and like the upper Fraser much better. I live near Dearby Reach, would there be much of a chance in there? Would they bite on a bar rig or do they need to be attracted.

Man I love to fish, its like a drug!

Thank you a lot!
I just got a fly fishing gear for my christmas present. Do you know what flies should I use in Fraser?
When does the fly fishing season start?
I know nothing about it.
Louis Vuitton

Flies for the fraser should include Muddlers (cutties like the rolled ones alot). Streamers work well. Baitfish imitations should work well on the cutties, dollies and the coho jacks that frequent the sloughs.

Im am wonderin though where abouts I can fish the fraser for cutties or dollies. I live in Tsawwassen, and so like, all along river road is accesable to me. I am wondering if anywhere along there is fishable on the fly. Also, is Deas Island Regional Park still open for fishing?

Sorry I dont know where it is. But to fish in Fraser, I take ferry to Barston Island(surrey park) and go to the end point of it.
Fishin is bad medicine

I tried the Chehalis yesterday for trout and only got one Jack Coho. i was using a si ngle Salmon egg with #9 hook. Didn't even feel a trout all day

What is a Jack Coho?
Louis Vuitton

I belive a Jack coho is a small, un sexually mature coho that still has the breading instincts to spawn, but is unable to, there for they just chill in the river and then head back down to the sea untill the next year.

I think so though. I'm not too sure.


try morris lake this time of the year.its usually pretty good around now for cutties and dollies. shore access has been blocked off so you have to hike in and take your chances of having your vehicle broken into. its in the hemloc valley in harrison. i've had great success dragging worms and flys off the bottom.big dollies !

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