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hawg hunter

Fished from daybreak until about noon. Managed to scare up a nice Rainbow in the 5lb range did not get a picture though. Did manage to get this Brookie to cooperate though. The fish was only about 18 inces but sure was chubby. Rainbow was caught on a maroon micro leech and Brookie was caught on a blood worm. Weather ranged from -6 to a balmy -1. Great way to end the season.
hawg hunter

Another pic of the lake

sweet, but one thing I have to say is, Brrrrrrrrrrrrr!
The Yak

nice fish...

is it frozen around the edges? did you have to break ice?
hawg hunter

The lake was baout 1/2 frozen and was frozen around the edges. As the day progressed the ice seemed to move and gave up more area to fish. Having said this we stayed at the east end as this is where the fish were rising.

nice pic hawg hunter. did you go salmon fishing this year hawg!
hawg hunter

El Nino, thanks and yes did a bunch of salmon fishing, Fraser, Vedder and then most recently the mouth of the Harrison. Spent the majority of my outings on the Vedder though. Got out more than normal but can't wait for Steelhead season.

Could you tell me where is it specifically?
hawg hunter

fi-do, are you referring to the lake? If so, just outside Merritt.

Well done your a braver man than me to be out in a bellyboat. Did you anchor or drift around. I read in BC Outdoors that Marquart was stocked with some 3n Rainbows (neutered) it's makes them grow biger faster. The only thing wrong your day is it wasn't me.

definitely jealous! you are obviously dedicated to be out there in your belly boat. well done!
hawg hunter

HaloRail, we trolled a bit when I hooked up with the nice rainbow. Another "dedicated" person showed up and just drifted, and casted with a micro leech under a strike indicator. A style I had not tried. Having said this he had a hook up within 5 minutes and landed a nice Rainbow. I was just drifting and casting when I caught the brookie. It's amazing how you warm up when there is a fish at the end of your line.
One thing I did not mention was that we went up to Merrit after work on Friday. Made it to the Powderkeg midnight madness sale and went out to look at the lake. Around 11:00 pm we gave it a go until 2:00am. I got nothing but cold but my buddy had a nice hook up on a shrimp pattern. We went back to the motel and returned at about 7:00am.
hawg hunter

Hey Cagey, my wife had a much different word than dedicated but I appreciate that a fellow fisherman understands.

some women don't understand!
in the spring i get out in my belly boat fishing between ice flows. the water is REAL COLD but like you say when you hook one the cold is forgotten. 11pm to 2 am with ice around you. that is DEDICATED, or as your wife would say crazy! good work.
Louis Vuitton

Hey, where is this lake. It has brookies, so im goin to guess no where near the lower mainland, except for maybe mission where there is a brookie lake in there. Any info would be good.

Tight Lines

Fishing forum > Marquart lake pics


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