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sharphooks moderator

while I was banned from the site I had a problem with Roe Bandit. he flatly said he had no respect for any members on this site . he had made very personal attacks on a couple of members. a decision was made to ban him. his imput was far outdone by his very negative attitude.
I have now banned fishinisgood (I hope I have the name of the member in question correct. this now ex-member has in one month posted 3 threads bosting of illegal fish. he most recent response to very appropriate responses was his final strike. his attitude towards the rules of fishing is not acceptable.
now let's talk legal fishing !!!


How does the moderator get banned?
Lol, only on Sharphooks

Seriously though, thanks for your time and effort

lol... where did u get banned, on fishingwithrod?
sharphooks moderator

I must have banned myself ! and thanks prunehands. it has now been 2 years since I took over this thankless job ! too long ! unless someone comes along wanting to take over I will continue for a while longer at least.
having a solid group of members who cause no trouble and who respond appropriately when trouble starts makes the job a lot easier. we do have a lot of really good members and despite claims that other sites get 1000 times more posts, I think we have a pretty active place to visit with a lot of great input. could it be better? absolutely but it will not be because of the moderator. the members make the site. we just do not need members only looking to pick fights!

I don't get it, you banned Fishingisgood because he broke the regs twice ??

He took his beating like a man and actually apologized for his actions. I think he learned a lot on here in those few days and now has the proper know how to hopefully never do it again.

You should not ban a member for breaking a regulation, it shows others that your just a bully type and that you have no empathy nor sympathy.

If you banned every person on here that has broken a reg or two you'd probably have no one left dummy.

Except for me of course, hehehehe !!!{jk}

You missed it Bentley, he posted a pic of a bull on the rocks claiming he clubbed a jack.After everyone got on his case, he admitted he was trolling( and then some)
For the record , the bull still had the downturned eye

Ya, totally missed all that, guess he got what was coming then.

If breaking the regs is not why he was banned though, then why even mention it AGAIN as it wasn't the reason why he got the boot ??

I don't bother logging in enough anymore to complain about how things are done around here so I won't bother to go any further in regards to this topic,

cheers man.

BTW, bull what ?? bull trout, bullhead, bull moose, bullshit, bulldozer ????????????????????

Bull trout

Had a laugh imagining someone trying to bonk the other things on your list.Have a good wknd.

ya he told everyone to stick the fish some place basically. it was not a newbie Bently as he claimed, just a jerk.

Fishing forum > members banned


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