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So much fun with light and ultralight gear!

The brother and I hit a smaller interior river today with light/ultralight gear using solely spoons and spinners for some trout fishing. First cast each and we both had coho on!!! woohoo, lol. I got mine using 6lbtest light spinning outfit and small 1/8-3/8 kamloopers/crocs and within 5min tops with good side pressure hand him to hand and I think I would have put him conservatively at an easy 7-8, quickly released of course.

Brother lost his (4lb ultralight, using mainly little mepps/panther martins)after 10-20seconds, his was close to the same size maybe a bit smaller but he was trying to do the dreaded drag tighten whilst playing said fish and she popped off lol.

Hit a new run got into 3 bows each there and BAM my line goes screaming down river maybe 30-40yrds into the next run/pool and a beast (I say that as it was quite significantly longer and fatter than the ones mentioned below) of a steelie decided that was as good a place as any to do a bit of showboatin jumped a few times, lapped the pool a couple times, jumped once more as he was running down more and spit the hook, lol.....Now as much as I would have loved to have landed the beast, and especially on light tackle, it was just not going to happen, lol.

However I am much happier with the thrill of it all and knowing that 50+yrds of my 6lb flouro is not out there jamming up the river somewhere instead! We did however still lose a hook each as well but both to snags and not to fish which actually surprised us all things considering.

Anyways, so we fished a few more hours with 6 (4) more bows (2 would have been classified as steelies as they were over 50cm...1@exactly 51 and one at 54), ( 1 small dolly, 1 spawned out, humped out out pink that just SMASHED my bros tiny panther martin, lol plus 2 more surprisingly fresh looking coho (1ea.) Even though we would have been able to retain a few trout had we choose to we were on a strict C&R mission today to maximize fishing time and therefore ALL were let go quickly and safely!

Not a bad day at all really with 12bows, 1 dolly, 1 pink, 2steel and 3 coho to hand...and thats just what we considered "caught" which obviously doesn't include the likes of the "beast" above and such, lol.....and yes we did have a few pics....however there was a bit of a stumble had while I was "piggy backing" him across the flow all the while trying to carry and SAVE gear, lmfao....lets just say it didn't work the greatest and his phone that was also our camera for the day went for a bit of a swim, as did we a bit, lol.....if he gets em recovered I may add em at a later time with any luck.

Tight lines.

sounds like a great day! I never seem to find the time to get out. I know it can be dynamite ! if I can get my moose tomorrow I will definitely find the time ! that would be funny. drive 3000 km and not see a single bull then get one within 20 km of my door .
give me a holler if you find your way near me again .

Damn, still no moose hey? That sucks but hopefully you do indeed plug one tomorrow! Yes, it was quite the day thats for sure!...and will do cagey.

Well apparently this is the only pic that turned out ok and survived from the trip. First fish of the day and second cast. Wish some of the others turned out better but they were all a blur after the camera got wet. Reminding self to bring better and waterproof camera next time, lol. Goodtimes!

Fishing forum > Smaller Interior River


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