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Howdy folks,

I'm brand new to salmon fishing. I've only been 3 times so far. I don't know many people who fish and the ones who do are still learning as well. I'm looking for someone who might be interested in going fishing with me and teaching me how it's done. For gear I have a 10.5 ft shimano convergence and a abu 5501 c3. I've been trying to float fish and I've manage to catch a couple of chum, but no coho. I live in Mission. I don't know if this is the right place to be asking for this kind of help, but if it's not maybe someone can point me in the right direction?


Head to your local fishing tackle shop and jaw with the guys there. It's what they do.

I know you looking for help on the matter. But if you have already caught a few chums then you are slowly getting the hang of it. I don't have the time to go out a mentor someone, but i will say when i was learning and i had no one to teach me i spend all day on the river. You know the basic setup now, just go and develop your skill such as reading water, by learning where and when you catch fish.
The more time at the river the more you will learn, and also the more people will be willing to help you out if they see your struggling. If your on the river the experienced guys will help more often than if you are behind a computer. if you can't make it out the the river do research online about specific things you are struggling with.
I like the fact i taught myself, with some people i have met at the rivers help.

I could probably meet up with ya on the river at some point... Give you some take it or leave it tips. I am more than willing to help someone who wants to learn. Its better than copying the guys slaying fish on the river, the fish that bite with their tails and back. Learn to fish properly and it means more when you do hook up. Like others said though, hear advice, adapt it to what works with you and practice.

I assume you are either fishing the vedder or one of the several rivers on the mission side of the fraser.
all of these rivers are crawling with fishermen. watch some of them for a while (try and pick someone who knows what they are doing). without being a nuisance ask a few questions. most of the better fishermen will be glad to give you a quick pointer . ask questions at the tackle shops. most of all get out there and fish. pay attention to where the fish are that bite your hook and types of places others are hooking fish. pretty soon you will catch more fish. and you may well meet someone looking for someone to fish with . have fun .

If you see someone having some success catching fish (and not snagging them in the back or tail). Ask them if they would be willing to show you some tips and tricks. I know I would be quite happy to do so, but most people just try to watch you from a far and slowly move into your spot to box you out.

Awesome guys! Thanks for the advice all around. I'm always a little squirrely about asking guys out on the river for advice, but it's good to hear people out there are willing to share some knowledge. I was out again this weekend out somewhere around the veddar. We were in a small boat casting spoons. Managed to hook up with a one fish, but as I got him close to the boat, I let him run a little too much and he dove under the anchor chain and the line snapped. Nothing else all day. I think I'm going to head out to the stave this weekend and try my luck there.

If you go to the stave to fish for chums, twitch some purple, pink, red and maybe combinations of the three. it has always worked for me on that river. Coho you will have to find out yourself.

The key to the stave is to dead drift something purple or pink (usually) and keep it up high in the water column. This way you will attract the really aggressive fresh fish and avoid the boots.

The guys fishing the bottom are just pulling in boot after boot... yuck!

Fishing forum > Salmon fishing tutor?


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