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drift king


oh man, I'm not even gonna bother, I see a few things wrong with this pic, I'll let the rest of the viewers follow up, hehehehe !!

MMMM lets see first it's a wild fish and he is wearing gloves ! NEXT

Really nice looking fish. What did you get it on? Black wool?
drift king

We were fishing for pinks with pink spoons and the coho were eating them we were trying for pinks and chums for bait for sturgeon!!!

Nah good for him thats a great fish - maybe they are fish safe gloves for all i know. He gets to fish out of a jet boat aswell...thats awesome I would have given anything to have that chance when I was a kid - I still would!

I own a jet boat, big deal, what's that have to do with anything ?

Non Tidal wild coho {so hopefully it was released, even with the slime loss}, BMX {or whatever they are}gloves on, all the while fishing for chum and pinks to use as sturgeon bait when I can clearly see beached dead fish in the background that could be used for this need. Hmmmm ???

To "Fishingisgood" that just poached a fish cause he couldn't be bothered to read the regulations and relies on his "grandson" to tell him what he can keep......shut up will ya, your lucky people aren't still rippin you a new one bud.

Sorry bently didn't mean to offend. It was just never in my or my familys budget to have a boat so i've always been envious of people that have them to go fishingwith
drift king

Go back under your rock Bently

drift king, you should be asking for mercy not telling Bentley to go away. instead learn from what he says.

That's okay Cagey, he can say whatever he wants to, after all it's the internet, it just makes no sense to me for a person to hold up a beautiful wild coho with a pair of gloves on and fish for salmon just so you can use them for bait, let them do their business if their beyond table fair and use the dead floaters etc etc for your Sturgeon bait. You can make some deadly stink bait out of old fish and the roe and belly's of floaters/dead on the bank fish are more than adequate to catch Sturgeon.

Being as young as he is I understand, I just wish the adults he was with used better practices but hey, jet boaters are all just assholes in the long run right ? LOLLOL

It's kinda a given rule out there that the use of floaters is okay, we've had CO's tell us they'd rather see us use the dead ones rather than kill a fish that could still produce offspring but you wouldn't have any idea on that as your too busy killing coho when your not allowed, idiot !!

You're telling someone to look up a reg that doesn't exist while you have no problem ignoring regs on no coho salmon retention on the Fraser River?

Who's got the low IQ now?
drift king

We were only using pink and chum for bait not coho

So what, why kill a live fish for bait when they can still have a chance to spawn ??

Instead, use a dead one if that's what your after, there's literally thousands of them, and as I mentioned before, the CO's told us they'd rather see us use floaters than catch and kill for the sake of bait use only.

Makes a lot of sense doesn't it ??

I'm not saying that what your doing is illegal cause it's not but there are better ways to get bait than to just kill a few humpy's and dogs for the sake of catching a Sturgeon. You can always strip some roe out of a dead chum floater and use that in some cheesecloth or spawn netting, it makes awesome sturgeon bait.

^I agree, I'm sure spawned out pinks are abundant, why not use those instead of killing a fish that hasn't spawned yet.

hell of a lot easier to just grab a few stinky floaters and use them for bait. Plus; less time wasted trying to get bait when you could be fishing for the big monster from down under
drift king

If any of you guys know how to sturgeon fish you no fresh bait is better then old rotten fish
drift king

Oh and we didn't even catch are limit on pink or chum

" If any of you guys know how to sturgeon fish you no fresh bait is better then old rotten fish "

So I guess "stink bait" is fresh then ?? C'mon man, floaters work fine, and the roe you can get out of the dead ones is still uncured so it's definitely good enough to catch sturgeon with. Maybe your just afraid to get stink hands {hence the gloves} as it sure as hell aint cold out, lollol !!
drift king

Lol I am done arguing with you Bentley

Have a good night junior !

about time. you only look foolish ! lol. like I said earlier, don't argue with him. learn from him !

speaking of bait the pinks are literally beaching themselves by the hundreds on the vedder after spawning and anglers are leaving eggs everywhere for anyone that needs it on the banks. lots of bait if you boys need it just laying there. No need to kill fish i think... Not arguing here just fyi.

I should have never started arguing with him in the first place Cagey,

Why you ask ??

Cause you don't argue with an idiot, you will be dragged down to his level and beaten by experience.

Driftking,just cause your dad isnt setting the hook and passing you the rod anymore doesnt mean you tell an adult trying to help you to" get back under his rock".
I do know how to catch sturgeon and stinky floaters work fine, do you think the sturgeon are chasing down live fresh pinks or the stinky rotten ones that they have been gorging on, a smell they associate with an easy meal.
I know your young but think about it, why bother killing a fish that could possibly still spawn and possibly fertilize or reproduce a couple thousand eggs? You seem to like fishing and fish so Im sure as you get older it will come to you, or not.
As for the repeat offender, you cant say anyone else looks stupid, especially when they dont. I doubt that pic is of you. You sound like a kid. Cockhead? now theres a good one.
Your opinion carries as little weight as possible. Time to sign up a new account and try again, if you dont have another already.

i'm done w/this site!!!so much negativity that it turns my stomach, and always from the same members it seems.sad.but it's not the only site like this,i quit other sites for the same reason.last post and pic from my sun am session.all were caught on roe w/pin rod mid river vedder,water was still up a little and fish were not holding,they were trucking right on thru

great catch !!

I've never needed to use samon as bait for the beasts. Even this time of year they still feed on whatever they bump into it seems. Dew worms, and eels, have always worked for us . Biggest one I've landed to date was on dew worms this time of year as well. Just have to know where to look for them.
Just sayin....

Good luck fishing

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