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To the member Fishingisgood,

Your fishing report states that you were using roe while fishing for Coho salmon in the Fraser River on October 3rd/2013. Your report also states that you caught 3 coho salmon and also retained one of those coho salmon as it was a hatchery fish.

Myself, the DFO and many other anglers have a big problem with this,,why you ask ????

READ HERE !!!!!!


The Tidal Fraser River has a NON RETENTION for COHO SALMON and a BAIT BAN UNTIL OCTOBER 5TH/2013.


You just poached a fish SIR, I truly hope it makes you feel as stupid as your report looks.

I'm sure someone will post the notice for you so that you can read it and I hope you choke on the first bite.{insert a swift kick in the ass from me here}.

That's all I came on for, see ya fellas.

p.s. whoever gave you the positive vote on your report is a mindless twit as well.

ya what an idiot
i'd say its a fake report anyways
the only thing youre going to catch "bottom fishing with roe" there is bullheads.
you cant foul us lol
Zap brannigan

no one seems to read regs these days.

Really funny abe especially coming from you ! Remember this poached Coho ? So before you start calling people names look in the mirror buddy ! Oh and good call Bentley.

"Im so sorry boys. My grandson said i could keep a coho salmon if the very back fin wasnt there."

Pretty lame excuse for an adult bud.

I'm not gonna take another strip off ya as I already made my point but next time be SURE of the regulations for the water you plan on fishing that day, it's a very simple task, especially since you obviously have a computer.If you can't find the up to date regulations on the DFO website I'm sure someone on here will help you out.

Now go catch some more coho's with your grandson and have some fun, just remember, you can now retain 2 Hatchery Coho salmon in the Tidal portion of the Fraser as well as use bait but from the downstream side of the Mission Bridge upstream to Hope {Non-Tidal}is still off limits until 00:01 October 8th/2013 for coho retention and the use of bait for salmon fishing.

Better yet,

Cut and paste these into your browser, then open them and bookmark them. This will tell you what you need to know for future trips, if your still stumped, call DFO and ask.



Have a good day,

Well, so much for that, you just poached another fish in a different system, and told the world too, hehe, what a guy !

Theres alot of passion from members . The members who follow the regs and judge others on forums would be the best dfo enforcers on the water . Make dfo a killing with all them tickets handing out .
If you love the fish stocks that much then apply for a career at the dfo .

I was IMO pretty respectful to the man after he poached the first fish, I tried to help him out and even posted the links to the DFO webpage so he could see for himself and not make another mistake.

What happened ????,

He poached another fish a day or two later in another system, all the while knowing bloody well he didn't actually know the regs before he started fishing that day either.

If you think I'm being too hard on him so be it, I couldn't give a rats ass what you think. Guys like you should just STFU as I tried to be nice right up until he called me stupid, but little did he know that when he pointed the finger at me there was 3 pointing back at him and he admitted his guilt and apologized, since then no one has had a problem and I wished him good fishing from then on, I just pleaded that he be super sure of the regs, nothing more, so instead of calling me out why don't you just stay out of it.

I knew I shouldn't have come back on here, where else does a guy try and help and get shyt on.

Sharphooks, that's where !!

hey bently...relax man. not everyone is upto date and on the ball on the regs as you are. We all make mistakes young and old. Some are sincere and others just don't give a damn. If you need to correct someone just point out the mistake. At the end of the day your a good samaritan not a dfo officer. the majority of members will learn from their mistakes and move does not need to get personal with anyone.

Like I said before el nino, I thought I was pretty respectful considering........

If I wasn't I would have just took a strip off him and been done with it but instead I tried to help him as well.

I've seen a lot of people on fishing forums go up one side and down the other when someone poaches a fish, but rarely do I see that same person try and help the guy out as well. they'd rather just pick on the guy cause they have nothing better to do.

Funny how ya'll try and vent on me when now when I'm the one trying to correct the anglers mistakes by supplying common links so he can better himself as an angler, all the while trying to be somewhat respectful to him as well.

I guess some people don't think of it as a big deal, but I do, so that's where we are different and that's okay too, takes all kinds to make a world.

Ignorance (laziness usually) is no excuse, the regs are easily accessible and explicit. Mistakes happen but DFO won't cut you any slack so it's really in everyone's best interest to make the effort.

I hope my blunt first post doesn't ruffle any feathers. :P

AHHHHH DARN IT I WAS SLEEPING Thanks a lot bently !!! lol

Been a long time

I'm posting under this thread since it seems fitting. Just read the latest report on silver lake... WAKE UP! silver has a bait ban you idiot.

its unreal the things people post here..seriously how hard is it to follow the rules..the posts ive read in the last few weeks are sick..I just read the oct 5 report...""caught our limit and kept on fishing"" the limit is 2 and i wanna bonk a couple I"ll bonk the first..then catch/release until its time to leave..then bonk the last one..usually tho its straight up c/r for me..
again..thank god i live in a remote area where its a busy day on the river if i see 2-3 others.
respect the fish,river and regs..its that simple
sharphooks moderator

I am in total agreement . the member in question has a long history of garbage reports. I will consult with the site owner about him

"Just so everyones clear i didnt do that report on silver lake."

Hahahahaha.....I'm still laughing.......hahahahha

After a couple meat head moves it's good to see you still have a sense of humor, even though you might have been serious when saying that, LOLLOL !!

If rules are made to be broken, we might as well use treble barbed hooks. Bentley is right and NO ONE is saying "give Bentley some slack!"

grrrrrrr....Shouldn't of clicked on this topic......

Fishing forum > C'mon Man !!!!!!!! WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!!!!


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