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Good fishing on the vedder sunday . I was so excited to get out since the 12th after nailing the chrome doe spring , that i didnt mind the 4 1/2 hour sleep i got .
It was a good day out , landed a 5 pound wild hoe at the first hole . Drove up the road to a spot where i havent got skunked yet , another coho small 3-4 pounds ocean fresh too . Both cohos didnt set the hook down but it was just a continous tap felt by the rod which made me set the hook . Then until last light i hit the canal and battled a couple springs good fun for sure .
I try and take the most of my fishing trips maybe because i can only head out once a week and live in east van . But when i do go out i take it hard , im not lazy , i love to find new spots and will go through measures to find them . It takes the most out of me on most days , i get utterly exhausted . This is a recipe for a sleepy ride home . I knew this day was worst than most something felt funny the whole trip back . Dropped off a spring at my uncles in whalley and avoided the toll on port man hehe . But the second when i went back on the highway from canada way it hit me hard like a ton of bricks , sleepyness was setting in and i only had a few kms from my home . My head started to tilt along that little stretch of highway , the last turnoff was grandview highway for me . I couldnt remember exactly what happened but i pretty much went to lala land and was countin sheep . I paritially made the turn but went straight into a sand barrier (those big yellow tubs of sand ) . I then woke up as the car was making a 360 flip . I held onto dear life of my steering wheel . The seatbelt saved my life ! But stupid airbag didnt even deploy . I remember as looking at it as the car landed back on 4 wheels , as if a little child was blowing a ballon for the first time the bag just dwimpered out .
Im fortunate though ! Escaped with a couple small cuts to my scalp and some missing patches of my beautiful blonde hair with a little soreness in the lumbar region of the back . My friends and family spirits are so high they didnt want me to leave just yet .
Im very lucky i know but i know of one friend who lost his uncle in law sleeping at the wheel . Please please be safe out there , specifically for us fisherman . Theres no doubt most of us felt a little sleepy after a day hitting the flow hard . 1 hour from home or 1 minute get out of the freakin car and start walking around , take those energy drinks or whatever . Common sense and care will prevent something like this , if all goes good physically ill hit that water by next weekend . Take this simply reminder guys !


If the roof caved in a couple inches more , well thats a scary thought . It just grazed my scalp

Wow!Glad you're able to tell the storey.

Holly sh*t! Fishing is fun and all but safety first man. I hope you recover soon to b able to fish. Take cate.

thank god you never killed any innocent people. hate to say it, but you acted very irresponsibly. that's just as bad as getting behind the wheel after a few drinks. you were "impaired", by exhaustion and still chose to risk it behind the wheel. for everyone else's sake, I hope you are more careful.

very true gearbox ! the very first thing i asked the witness that approached my vehicle was if there were any others in the accident . when i was in the ER , i explained the situation to an rcmp officer , he trusted my honesty and believed it was a mistake only to happen once . but the reason he did arrive is to give me a ticket "driving without care" which is about 400$

I ride a motorcycle and one of my biggest fears is getting rear ended while stopped at a red light or t-boned by some ASS who is texting or talking on a cell without the hands free stuff. Now I have to add tired motorists to the list. Nice to hear you survived relatively intact and realized you aren't the only one on the road. and judging from your pics, The airbag did deploy. what's all the red stuff on it.....

Sorry to scare you a little more about other drivers eddzed . You motorcyclists for sure put alot of faith into others on the road .
Even though sharphooks isnt well used , im sure a few people got an extra reminder .
The red stuff on the airbag is my blood , the roof just nicked my scalp causing a little gash . I used the airbag for a minute to wipe the blood coming down my face . Looked like a freak show but i was in good shape

Fishing forum > Reminder to all , drive safe !


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