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There was just a report from Mill lake that stated a 13 pound,6 ounce bass was caught. If true, this would smash the current Canadian record. I was hoping that the person who reported this could provide a picture of the fish. Would love to see this beast.

I highly doubt it. I'll put down VERY GOOD money to bet that this report is written by the same kid I met down there during the summer. He's literally a kid... probably no more than 12 or 13 years old. Just one of those kids that overemphasizes everything. I remember telling him about my trip to St. Mary's Lake where I caught a 5lbs+ smallmouth, and he instantly replies "Oh? Well, yeah, I caught a 7lber from this lake" (talking about Mill Lake). In fact, I think he wrote another report back then for Mill Lake about a 7lbs bass too lol. So no, I wouldn't believe this report of a 13lbs bass for even a second haha.

Here it is:

For an idea on his scale of fish size... I saw him pull one out that was about 1 lbs, maybe a bit less. He proceeded to come over and tell me he just pulled out a 5lber

For those wondering, this is what a 13lbs bass looks like:

I don't believe it either, I just want to see the photo.

He probably got the idea of the legendary Walter from the Ruddocks Ranch legendary monster trout named Walter:

the poster was "anonymous". he has posted some tall tail reports before such as sharks in various lakes ! he posted a photo of himself recently. wish someone knew him and would quietly strangle him. can't he be banned. he seems to claim fishing in mill lk as well as lakes around Vernon. can't live both places. If he is not just a pest then why does he not defend himself here and now and show pictures of "Walter" the 13 lb 5 oz fish !

who's to say, without any proof. it's not like it's impossible. not everyone is interested in the record books. I've caught ten lb bass out of Shannon lake and saw many a walter that people caught, usually the younger kids from shore.
given the descriptions above of some experiences at that lake, it sounds like maybe someone is exaggerating. but saying it shows it since the person is not coming on here and defending himself is laughable. I know I wouldn't feel compelled to "prove" to somebody how big a fish I caught was. I've told about certain fish I've caught before, not on here, and then been berated by people saying that it was bs. well, I knew what I caught and we actually had had the fish confirmed officially. but I didn't feel like I "needed" to explain myself to them, I wasn't bragging about it, merely stating that species existed in that lake.
maybe someone did, maybe someone didn't. does it really matter? it's not like they are trying to confirm they broke the record and get in the books.

excuse me oldtimer? what's with that remark?
I was simply saying that nobody has even seen this fish or even knows who caught it and there's instant knocking the story already.
kind of like how you felt compelled to knock my post for no reason at all with ignorant remarks. don't say anything if you have nothing nice to say.
go be grumpy somewhere else.

Hey guys,
I think I know who this kid is. I was at Mill lake about 4 weeks ago and saw a kid with a rather large fish on the dock. The poor thing wasn't killed properly and the kid was rockin' two rods off the dock.
The reason I think it's the same kid is because he asked me if I heard of "Walter".
Definitely not the size of the 13 lb'er posted above, but I would hazard a guess it was half the size at about 7 lb.
I told him to properly kill it and to take one of the rods down, which he did.
That was a wasted fish.

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