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Just a Fishing Guy

Finally...the rain has come and brought in the fish! I was so excited to head to the Cap yesterday and hoped that I would find the river in great shape and loaded with fresh, bright Coho. Well...the water was perfect...the Coho were there, but not in mass numbers (holding in the pools, but not many on the move through the upper R), and there were at least 3 guys on every hot spot. Still plenty of water to fish though, so I fished one of my fav sections of water beside House Rock. Hooked into 2 chrome Coho, releasing both as one was foul hooked and the other was wild. That was it, not a sniff after that. So, I walked up to the Cable Pool to have a look at what was moving in to the tail end. This is what put the spoil on my afternoon...the expected traffic was there with about 6 guys fishing from the cliff, all rapidly whipping up their rod tips. What a strange way to fish! I never knew that salmon bite with their tails, fins, and bellies! These guys even had a landing net made up of several long poles duct taped together to reach the fish from the cliff side. Good for landing a fair fish (that means hooked in the mouth guys!). I'm not fisheries, but there are regulations for a reason. Perhaps these guys need to give them a read, before they find a fisheries officer tapping them on the shoulder.
Zap brannigan

Did you call RAPP? If not then next time do so as complaining online doesn't do nothing to stop people from ripping.
Just a Fishing Guy

Not familiar with RAPP? Would have called DFO if I had my cell.

lol i called dfo caught some clowns in the Nik netting the Coho and had buckets full and they basically laughed at me and said dont confront them ,wtf is up with that??

They usually say not to confront them. However sometimes they get called to the same thing, and they know its not a violation. They could be first nations, which would involve dfo wasting there time that they have very limited anyways.
Zap brannigan

1-877-952-7277, RAPP line to report poaching/ violations, polluting an all that, program it into your contacts in your phone.
Just a Fishing Guy

Thx Zap. It's in there for next time ;-)

at my hometown river jigging is the preferred method for targeting coho.

I was visiting this past aug/sept and I assure you they bite a jig hard. You do snag fish at a much higher ratio, but I was also able to get coho to bite at an almost 2:1 ratio vs my favourite spoon....

I haven't busted out any of my jigs on the cap or vedder because 1.) everyone will think i'm trying to snag fish and 2.) I don't want to encourage the ignorant.

if I get to a spot early enough or if no ones around I would love to try the ones I brought back with me.

anyone else try and use 'proper' jigging to target salmon? I don't mean floating a jig either (which is effective also)
Zap brannigan

He didn't mean they were actually 'jigging' they were actually ripping which means they where ripping a hook through a school of fish trying to snag them wherever they can, form of poaching not actual angling, happens daily on the cap.

But yes jigging does work well on some systems, I like dead drifting them under a float myself, jigging those flip tail grubs works well some days but not the best method when fish are right stacked in a pool huge chance of fouling a fish.

ya I understood the original post. I was just asking a question...

I don't use the grub tail jigs. I never have... the ones I use look very similar to some of those 'bent rod' jigs. or maribou's (spelling?)

Marabou is correct.There are many other ways to tie them as well. CC rabbit, Schlappen, some flash, even add some beads and grubs if you want.

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