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I caught this guy while fly fishing in the Coquitlam River. Saw some Pinks and a couple Springs too but I only caught this guy.

Nice cut throat! Those are always fun to catch on the fly. Looks like you released it but jsyk all wild trout from rivers and streams in region 2 are to be releases, unless its a hatchery fish over 30cm

Yup. Let him go and the 3 smaller ones I caught on Saturday. The salmon havent been interested in my flys at all really. Only had a solid strike that could have been a Pink.
Just a Fishing Guy

Nice fish 22. Sounds like you had a little fun. This rain might increase the action of the salmon. I've actually never tried the Coquitlam, but it's a lot closer to home than the Cap or Vedder. Where are the best sections to fish?
Zap brannigan

Were you the fly guy I was fishing next to in the lower? I was fishing a pin with pink line.

Yup that was me. Next time I need to be using krill and roe lol just look for a deep pool.
Zap brannigan

I'll be back out there later on today.

I'm planning to go back after work too if Im not off too late

I've fished the upper portion, but not the lower. Wherebouts on the lower do you guys go? Behind Riverside?
Zap brannigan

Doesn't have to be the lower section just get out and explore.

Exactly. Just look between the David st bridge and the Fraser for any pools or schooling fish. Shouldnt be hard to spot them.
Zap brannigan

Even some above the bridge if your adventurous, just remember this system does get a lot of pressure and not big returns by any means, also there's no retention of pinks or chum contrary to popular belief, please read the regs well before going out.

Finally caught what I was after.

That looks chrome, holy!
Is that a pink?

Yup really fresh female. Had her right at the bank the she took off again and fought for another few minutes. In all caught 3 on a small pink fly. Hopefully with the rain coming there will be even more fish in the river.

Thanks for sharing, nice fish. I live near this river but have never fished it. Might give it a try.

Its a great little river right in the city. Easy stop after work with a fly rod. Just remember to let all the Pinks go. Soo much fun getting them on the fly.
Zap brannigan

Finally got one awesome.

I'll make the same request to you that I make to most others who post about this river.
This is a very small system with some environmental issues upriver. Could you please change the name of this topic to something like Coq river, or something totally different. A lot of people will google this river name and see a post by you explaining how great the fishing is on this small system.
Next thing you know, everyone and their mother shows up.
Just a request. I"m sure I'm now inviting a bunch of posts explaining how wrong I am. Flame on.

That is true. Its a very small system so C+R all fish. Its a great river to stop by after work or on a day off. Also if you live in Coquitlam like I do its a quick walk to fish rather then a hour drive to Squamish or Chilliwack.

Nice one fish22

Had a fun today in the pouring rain for some pinks and have got what i came for landed 1 pink and lost alot!

Anybody know if and when Coho would start to be in the river?

A guy caught this Spring under the kingsway bridge. Weighed in at 26lb. I cant imagine hooking into this monster on my fly rod. Hopefully one day I'll experience the trill!
Zap brannigan

coho are already been in most rivers for a few weeks now, fewer numbers around but ive been hitting them for 3 or 4 weeks now, just gotta know where to look for them.

already asked you should mod the thread name to something different, no need for more people somehow thinking this river is a hidden gem, returns are small here and pressure is high.

It wont let me edit the name.

Thank you -Goin'fishn'-

Hooked into a Spring on my fly rod today!! At first I thought I caught bottom and was trying to yank my fly from the thing I know my reel is screaming and Im watching my line take off down river. I fought him for 10 minutes. Got him to my leader twice until he took off down river again and we watched as he shot across the top of the water, snapping my leader in the process. This was the one time I didnt have my waders on or else I could have followed him down river easier...oh well I'll just have to wait to get another chance.

Can anybody tell me what is so special about the Kingsway bridge? It almost looked like fishermen were huddling to hide from the rain - except it wasn't raining. Don't take my question the wrong way, I'm a beginner and trying to learn the ins and outs of river fishing in my backyard before I drive for 2 hours to fumble around with tangles and branches. So I kinda get the river dynamics and why the deep water moving water under the bridge might hold feeding fish (am I right?), but what makes this spot so special as to warrant elbow to elbow fishing?

Because you can see that spot from the road and people are too lazy to walk in the bush and find their own spot

that river fishslayer has huge springs in it every year. they are very difficult to land without heavier line and larger rods. i have had my line spooled 3 times by those springs. once they run its incredible how much power they have.
Zap brannigan

2 hr drive just to fish the coquitlam?, don't waste your time if your looking to retain any fish go to the vedder, returns arent all that large for the coquitlam

No no, the coquitlm is my backyard... Trying of figure stuff out here before I drive east!

Thanks for the replies!

dang, cant wait to get out for salmon. coq. here I come!!
(I hope)

Coho OCT 1 - DEC 31 - 1 HATCHERY per day
Chinook JUL 1 - MAR 31 - 1 per day (Apr 1 - Jun 30 no fishing for chinook)

Catch and release of all other salmon

Great work guys! Big fish what a battle
drift king

nice fish ...that chum was very big lol

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