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Tried under mission bridge , and no luck for me at the pinkies . Hit up the vedder for the first time this year and was able to find a couple of great runs , water was perfect . Fished for a few hours managed to land 1 jack spring , lost one a foot from shore , and another was in my hand and flopped out to go back . I tried these white springs only once before and hated the taste , plus the stinky hands you get with them . I gave it away to my chinese family friends which they will put some ginger , wine and blackbean concoction together . So they said they'll give me a taste when its done . Missed a couple of takedowns too . Good sized chunk red cured pink roe , 8lb ultragreen and size 4 hook .

beauty pic..nice fish..

Thanks mike !

Beaut! Were you fishing mid river?

Yes nice fish. But what are the rules on retention on jacks? That fish looks to be wild

why do people not read the regs before yippin?..really boggles my mind!! Absolutely nothing wrong with keeping that fish. Now if it had been a wild vedder coho then it may be a different story. Nice jack btw.

Maybe read the post before yippen. It was a question!

why not check before asking. much simpler than looking like a trouble maker !(whether you meant to be or not doesn't matter. it is how it looks that counts )

"Maybe read the post before yippen."....Exactly....we both know that the way you so called "asked" your question that you were under the impression that a wild jack spring was not legal to retain.

Had you meant it as an honest/innocent question then there would have been no need for the "but" nor the "That fish looks to be wild" comments which only insinuate negativity.

Bottom line is that had you taken the 2 seconds to actually check first, you would have found your answer in a much simpler way.

We all go through the learning process , took me years to become a decent fisherman . I got the fish a couple km's under vedder crossing at freds

bicker bicker bicker bicker...what a bunch of old hens
its too bad coto's thread turned into a hen fest..i always enjoy his threads.

I love reading these reports too, but then this one person has this urge to start something.

Thanks for posting the beautiful pic Coto,
a couple of km.s below the Xing is plenty for me.

Roe Bandit: How was I trying to start something? I am curious.
sharphooks moderator

Roe Bandit, if all you are going to do is pick fights you will have your privileges removed.

Nice fish. I cant wait to fish the vedder this year.

Roe Bandit, I was referring to you, I was referring to one of the other members.
sharphooks moderator

Roe Bandit, you were insulting to jboris. you had to add your 2 cents worth on this thread to repeat what cagey and mzmann had well covered. Monahan makes a comment as does stealhead mike and you brand them trouble makers. you are the trouble maker and this will not be tolerated. besides if you think all our good members are nothing but winers as you have indicated then I suggest you voluntarily go else where. if you do your occasional drop ins to brand someone a poacher or otherwise will not be tolerated. you get to decide: do you want to contribute in an adult fashion or do you have your privileges removed.

Fishing forum > Vedder report sept.8


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