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more like bad day on the fraser for that fish

Casted some spoons but no luck with the pinks so tried for sturgeon

Awesome catch.

Just under 5 f and was not more than 10 sec out of water and the rope thing didnt know will have to look into

Now this is a bad day on the fraser. Just a reminder to be aware out their

I was out on the Fraser Saturday also.
Landed this 7'3" monster.

Well done nice fish!

Nope, might not know the regs through and through but i know to becarful on the river roe bandit

your right, its looks like a similar boat. lol

Lol it is the same boat good eye but that was the only spot to beach the fish right beside that boat not my boat lol

lol, nice fish though.

This link will answer questions about using a rope or taking it out of the water.

Wow Poor sturgeon, Van city thats just awfull, justBeak action all over that pic!!!

Fishing forum > Good day on the fraser


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