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the Fraser River panel has increased the estimate of pink salmon returning to the Fraser to 24,000,000.
too bad there weren't more sockeye! maybe next year??
have fun with the pinks .

i just came from the fraser near the port mann and I got skunked. There were 4 other guys there and they had no luck too. Still too early

Ya been fishing Fort Langley area and seen a few around but not in big numbers yet, 2 weeks and it will be on!

Not to early. Ive been limiting in a smaller river upstream from you every time I go. The big push will come in soon if it keeps raining. But you should be able to catch some now.
Where at derby are you fishing I kept 3 the other day there after work.

It's been pushed to 26 million now.

There are plenty of pinks in the Lower Fraser river systems now.
Had a great day just above the tidal boundary. Hooked plenty. Kept 5 between the two of us. Enough for dinner and one load in the little chief

No need to snagg them…Cause Pink bite !

I am no expert here ...but that fish looks exactly like any one of the 250+ pinks I've caught and released on my flyrod this season
great fish


No worries boys! Born in Nanaimo, and have been living on the coast my entire life…I grew up on the saltchuck with a rod in my hand…and after deckhanding on salmon gillnetters... I can tell a pink from a sock and a chum from a spring…So not to worry….get off you butts and go fishing,

Thanks for the confirmation Mike!
BTW. when is the Rock becoming it's own province..?

Im gearing up now!! just waiting for the tide to come up a few more feet..coho time !!

No offense taken.

I was wondering what drugs you were doing roe bandit ! I was not hoping for your friend when I asked you to contribute more, that is for sure!
by the way I have very much enjoyed your recent contributions . now if we can get beak to join us we will be on our way ! keep up the posts but tell your friend to get his own membership .(lol)

Here's a female ready for dinner

Fresh looking fish. Still has that nice ocean blue .Was she nother spoon fed fish?

No. 3 blue fox spinner hot pink. Lower Fraser not working too well with spoons so far for me

Another fantastic morning… 6:00am - 9:30am
small pink sponns and great company makes for memories that will last a lifetime…
Not mention a tastey BBQ treat!


Get out the video of this mornings action.

Gives a good look at the spoon and the fish that slammed it.


Pink from mamquam

Pink from furry

i posted this in steelheadmikes thread as well. it seems more on-topic here though...

quick question. you think i would be alright with a regular ol' 6wt for pinks? i really wanna try but i also dont want to lose my rod as i cant afford another at this time.

is this possible? i have a larger reel and lots of backing.

I used a 6 wt several years ago at kilby. it worked great for about 24 pinks then I got greedy and tried to land one too quickly. end of that tip ! if you are more patient than I was you should be fine !

I am using my 8w and with no hesatation ripping them in. 6 w should be good to go sounds like it would be fun

perfect! thanks for the feedback guys

Im still not hooking in to any on the east side of the port mann bridge on the east of coq river. I cant even see any risers. I have been there everynight. Anyone else haviing this problem? What am I doing wrong? I am fishing the same as always and I always come home with pinks from other spots.

I have tried everything. Spinners, spoons, buzz bombs, pink jigs and yes I have hung out at the river for an hour looking to see if there are an6 risers and I have seen none.

I will try somewhere else just in case but I thought I would try there as it is 10 min from home.

Thanjs for the replies

That spot is not the greatest, try down river into sapperton.If the dock is full, just fish off the shore.Focus on the incoming tides

sapperton landing park?

Regardless of that area, you are too early. The second week of September is when they will pick up (at least it did in that area two years ago). Head closer to Richmond if you want to get your fish on now. Check out the top link here:

If you want to stay in the area, check out Derby Reach Regional park. The beach area is pretty long and and I saw fish being caught there two years ago (the second week of Sept). Good luck

Let the fraser gong show begin! LOL.

Lots of pinks. Lots of humpers getting snagged as they start staging.

did you keep that one?if you didn't, then that fish should still be in the water!just cuz there are millions of them,doesn't mean we should forget our fish handling skills!

good point. it does look like it was dragged up to the beach just for a photo op. i stunned it quickly..took picture and killed and gutted. roe was kept and boraxed ready for bait. one of many females dispatched on the river that day by fellow anglers. also nailed a 30 pound spring same day when i switched to a bar rig. no pic cause my cell phone died on me.

thanks for not taking my post as an attack!!and congrats on the spring!!

Are the pinks still coming in chrome? Is the tidal Fraser still a hot spot at high tide? Been skunked 4 times this year, any help to increase my odds would be greatly appreciated!

keep trying bud.the trick is to keep casting constantly always keeping your lure in the water. they r there. change retrieve speed and lure depth. if pink doesnt work use hot orange or red. sometimes they just dont want anything you give them. thats just the way it goes. chrome ones r still coming in but not in the numbers last week.

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