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hi there, I'm not much help in using one ... but I do have a brand new in box Shimano centerpin for salmon fishing if you are interested ? :-) Let me know.

Just a thought ... no thread hijacking intended. Tight Lines !

if you are not impressed with the baitcast reel , assuming it is on warranty, take it back. several years ago I purchased an ambassador 6500 . it was a nightmare. I took it back and they sent it to the outfit in abbotsford that does reel repairs. they rebuilt it under warranty and it has worked fine ever since (until last week. it is now officially retired after 10 years at least of hard use. I was told by the repair shop that a lot of them are garbage from the factory. they even went so far as to put in different gears as they said the ones from the factory were not correct. level winds are wonderful when they work right. center pins are great by most accounts if you buy a good one. your budget might just buy you more headaches !

pins are the cats meow when it comes to dragfree drift and fighting a fish is like fighting one on a fly rod or mooching reel,they take way longer to figure out how to cast effectively,i use a steelheader for floating bait and I still use baitcasters and coffee grinders too!!!
re.the pic, do you know how hard it is to hook a sculpin on a pin????lol

a sub $200 reel is going to be just that. one can't expect a smooth-as-silk action or superior casting without spending some money.
especially something like a center-pin, i'd spend the extra $$ on a really nice one. will a cheaper one do the job, sure it will. but you'll never complain with sweetness of a more expensive model.

go cheaper on the rod and spend the $$ on the reel.

Amundson Steelhead tracker, Army and navvy $120, I love it fishing for Cohos and Steelheads for the price you cant beat it same quality as those islander 300+ centerpins

I got a "real fishing" unit from an online UK store for around 32 + 15 (delivery), credit card bill was under 70. My buddy who is an Islander user, was so impressed, he asked if I could order him one.

Am brand new to center pin, so I cant be much help. I just couldn't afford 199.99 plus tax for an Okuma at army and navy.

Someone posted like 6 months ago how much they loved their new reel, wildwater by trophy xl . Put that in sharphooks search finder and see the thread .

I just bought my first cp reel on another forum a few days ago . Islander searun , i have little experience with another reel and this one beats it for sure . Too smooth no resistance at all . Very excited for them coho to show up in numbers in a month

Check out Chilliwack Dart & Tackle, they have an offshore cp called the Ironhead $179. It's a bearing model, spins excellent, no wobble, light weight. It has been put through its paces this past steelhead season with no problems handling them. They have been tested by a couple of the employees. IMHO you're better off starting with a cheaper reel and rod set up to see if you enjoy using this type, if you do you can upgrade later and keep this one as a back up or loaner.

Just got off work & saw your reply. Good that you found what you wanted. Anyway, yes, I just checked & it does indeed say "Moocher Plus 2000GT" ... although I really don't know the differences between variants of these reels.

how much you want for that reel?

hi Abe,
I'd like $50 for it ... it has never been used & been sitting in box all this time.

Let me know how I can reach you please if interested. Thanks & have great day.

Tight Lines !

Went to canadian tire this morning , and oddly enough they had the trophy wildwater reel i just mentioned . 149$ on sale . I got a little excited because hearing from the other forum member praising this reel , spun it around a bit and its not the best , its fat and can barely reach my fingers around to control the reel . Gave it a good hard spin and came to a halt in 15 seconds

Actually the difference between a 4 3/8th" and a 4 3/4" is negligible. Using the formula Pi X Diameter gives you the circumference of the reel, note here that you will actually be reeling in less line than what is indicated here because the line is on the spool which is a lesser diameter than the rim of the reel.
4 3/8" reel - 3.1416 X 4.375 = 13.7"
4 3/4" reel - 3.1416 X 4.750 = 14.9"
So you are only gaining 1.2" of line per revolution with the larger reel.

I can't believe guys are complaining about taking too long to reel in.
would you rather be working?
just be happy you are out fishing.

Wow reeling is boring and relentless eh I guess you never go spin casting just too much reeling in........not really a real fishermen are ya Roe Bandit....

Haha I've never asked for any info on the water I do all my own research and I've never said imo a great fishermen I just enjoy sharing information with people that need it you obviosly can't respect a persons intrest in sharing information so I'm confused as to why you even post anything in forums? Especially since most of the posts I've seen from you are negitive or incorrect
sharphooks moderator

enough said you two !

This is my email, email me. I will buy that reel.

Fish USA

This is where I got my reel and I love it. Smooth, easy start up, and feels solid. The only only downside to it if I had to find one, is the clicker is a little weak. But if you carry your reel cover with you (included) then your fine.

ok Abe, sent you an email. cheers !

Im also thinking about a centerpin seeing how winter is just around the corner..I spent last winter steelheading on a spin casting rod/reel..I did pretty good on it..but..them centerpins sure look good and great drifts..I figure an Islander Steelheader and a cheaper rod might just have to be a early xmas present to myself

Shadow, that isnt a casting reel, its a mooching reel or "knucklebuster" used for saltwater trolling and mooching for salmon. Good reel tho, I have a few older ones....

Coto you should have been shopping in Salmon Arm. I was in Western Sports today. the same reel is on for $99.00.
(not trying to hurt your feelings !)
Zap brannigan

If your looking for an inexpensive cp look at the raven matrix reels, around 160 or so if you look around online most shops I've seen them 200+ so shop around, I got one on one of my pin rods and its served me well swapped the bearings to Abec 7s for 30 bucks, got a few cp's and I still fish this one often casts far and smooth and pretty light definetly a good buy.
Iowa River Rat


I have been contemplating purchasing the same reel from the same seller. Do you have any thoughts yet on the reel?

Please advise -- the one I am watching on ebay ends tomorrow.


Any feedbacks on chinese made center pin reels sold at Chilliwack Dart & Tackle. Talked to a fella on a chinese made center pin reel he got from CDT and he said there is nothing wrong with them. He cited they are as good as the best around. I am considering getting into centerpinning to add to my existing gear to have an edge in drift fishing at times.

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