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Author Topic: Fraser salmon fishing resumes but not for sockeye

Recreational angling for chinook, pink and chum salmon opens Friday morning below Mission and for pink and chum above Mission starting Saturday morning.

First Nations also have the go-ahead to fish for chinook, chum and pink on the lower Fraser for food, social and ceremonial purposes.

A limited commercial fishery for pinks is also expected.


Have a great fishing long weekend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There has not been a recreational salmon fishing opening implemented by Fisheries and Oceans Canada for the tidal portion of the Fraser River (downstream from the CPR bridge in Mission). Until a fishery notice is issued, you should not suggest that the river is open for fishing tomorrow (Friday). Anglers who use this information to fish while the river remains closed will be fined by Fisheries and Oceans Canada's C&P.

Berrys Bait has also been reporting this, make sure to check the fishery notices from dfo before you go fishing.

lol isn't that fishingwithrod's comment for the article??

he's right. only idiots would suggest the fishery is open when dfo has not issued an opening yet. imagine if people go out and fish for salmon but it's closed, and officers come up...

"but they say it's open at berry's!!!"

"nope, here's an $100 fine"

I'm sure the fine will be much more then $100.

lol assumptions are a bad thing. I wouldn't go of anything other than the Fisheries website for regs. tackle shops are known to be wrong. and newspapers the guy writing it probably doesn't know the difference between a rainbow and a salmon.
Full-fleet Canadian pink salmon fisheries are not yet open as they
are being constrained by conservation concerns for Fraser River sockeye.
Future fishing opportunities for pink salmon will continue to be assessed.

The next in-season meeting of the Panel is scheduled to occur on Tuesday,
September 3rd, 2013.

Go get em boys

I never tried fishing for salmon on Fraser from shore. Do you think is a good ideea to go somewhere in the non tidal area after mission bridge and use some wool? or spoons?

Thank you !

You could bar fish with some spin n glows, fly fish, or bottom bounce.

I was on Vedder yesterday (saturday) , the water levels are low, a small number of pinks under Keith Wilson bridge can be seen from the bridge, lots of people around that spot , the fish is spooked , not biting.Saw one hooked up in couple hours.

Fishing forum > Fraser salmon fishing resumes but not for sockeye


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